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Easter cards or texts

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Bea65 Sun 31-Mar-24 09:28:15

Happy Easter 🐣.. I only sent one card this year and received one in return… so hopefully I’ll receive some texts as I will be sending them to few close friends.. do you think with the increase in postage tomorrow, I ve already bought books of stamps yesterday, we will still send cards or ??

BlueBelle Sun 31-Mar-24 09:30:28

I ve never really sent or received Easter cards so no difference for me

tanith Sun 31-Mar-24 09:32:17

Never sent or received one.

petra Sun 31-Mar-24 09:35:00

I’ve never sent one or heard of anyone sending one before reading this post.

Greenfinch Sun 31-Mar-24 09:41:01

I always receive an Easter card from my cousin and sometimes from my sister in law but I never send any. My 16 year old granddaughter who works in a garden centre on Sundays was surprised about how many Easter cards they sold so they must still be popular with some people.

HelterSkelter1 Sun 31-Mar-24 09:41:52

I bought a couple of books of stamps as well. But they will last me a long time. I send very few cards and hardly ever Easter cards. My MIL always liked one.
When I receive cards it seems such a waste to throw them away. I use them as book marks if the picture is attractive. Or shopping lists and then they get binned.
I threw away a stash of my birthday cards recently. 21st and so on. I get a lttle sad seeing them. Part of ongoing declutterimg.

Georgesgran Sun 31-Mar-24 09:42:34

There are plenty of Easter cards on sale petra here (are you in the UK?), especially religious ones, displaying crosses and churches. I bought a pack of Peter Rabbit cards in M&S. I put cash and a voucher in a couple for my DGSs and Euro in another for DD2’s forthcoming holiday.
However, nothing posted as I gave them in person and nothing religious.
I have received a lovely e-card from another GNer.

Bea65 Sun 31-Mar-24 10:07:28

As a former catholic girl, now lapsed , Easter was very important and Easter cards very popular… and a family celebration.. sadly this tradition for me is long gone as both my elder siblings in their 80s and unwell, their sons/daughters don’t keep up .. feeling bit nostalgic and reminiscing 🙏

henetha Sun 31-Mar-24 10:12:36

An old friend whom I hardly see any more always sends me an Easter card in the post, and I reciprocate. But that's the only one.
And I have received a few on whatsapp this morning. Both serious and funny ones.

Callistemon21 Sun 31-Mar-24 10:38:18

I used to send them to relatives overseas but the postage is extortionate now.

TillyTrotter Sun 31-Mar-24 10:41:42

WhatsApp messages. They are free.

Greyisnotmycolour Sun 31-Mar-24 10:43:06

I sent two, both to my young grandchildren who are always delighted when the postman calls with something for them, I've never sent any others.

Purplepixie Sun 31-Mar-24 10:44:52

I’m not starting that one. Never send or receive Easter cards.

pably15 Sun 31-Mar-24 10:48:06

I never send easter cards, and I've never received one, and with the price of stamps now ,it wouldn't entice me.

LOUISA1523 Sun 31-Mar-24 10:54:12

I sent my mum a WhatsApp message this morning....thats it

Witzend Sun 31-Mar-24 10:59:59

I sent just one Easter card, to my DM’s old cleaning lady, who was an absolute godsend during the last few years before Dm moved to a care home (dementia).
She was (is) a churchgoer and a truly good, kind person.
I picked a card that was quite jolly, but did also include a church.

Bea65 Sun 31-Mar-24 11:02:31

Yes the WhatsApp gifs are light hearted and some very 😹 🤩 and free👌

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 31-Mar-24 12:38:59

I sent Easter cards (with a tenner in each) to the 4 grandchildren (I bought eggs as well), and a card to 2 friends - not religious, just with pictures of lambs and chicks on. I hand-delivered all of them.

Stansgran Sun 31-Mar-24 13:47:48

Like HowDareYou I sent Easter cards with money to DGC abroad to buy their own eggs. I’m not sending any more now.

Esmay Mon 01-Apr-24 17:51:00

I send out Easter cards and texts every year .
Most of my Easter greetings are on WhatsApp .
It was the same at Christmas .
I think that I'm losing my enthusiasm .

Primrose53 Mon 01-Apr-24 17:58:30

My Mum always sent Easter cards to her 7 siblings, grandchildren and a few people in the village.