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I've had a clearout!

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Riverwalk Thu 14-Sep-17 09:36:28

Like most people every now and then I take a bag of stuff to a charity shop but this time I've excelled and had a total clearout. Inspired by someone on GN who mentioned that the British Heart Foundation send out bags and then collect I got rid of

As new paperbacks (about 8 bags)
Bric a brac
Picture frames
Glassware, vases, dishes
Beads, bangles, trinkets

I also paid Junk Monkey to take away

Steam mop (expensive and a waste of space!)
Tatty books
Childrens old text books
Videos (ones not worth transferring to DVD)
Planks of wood
Kitchen unit door

I feel liberated and 10 years younger! Some of boxes of videos/books had been unopened since I moved in here about 14 years ago blush

Auntieflo Thu 14-Sep-17 09:45:51

Well done River, doesn't it make you feel so good 😇

sucraft Thu 14-Sep-17 10:33:59

We used Ziffit and we buy books - sold loads of books, cds and dvds

sunseeker Thu 14-Sep-17 10:39:08

Anyone know where I can get rid of VHS tapes. I have a "library" of films - they can't be recycled and I don't want to send them to landfill

sarahellenwhitney Thu 14-Sep-17 10:50:59

Sunseeker.Me too. I am reluctant to get rid of my vast library of VHS films and other recordings but who wants them these days
I put an add in our local paper for a' free on collection' tv set with vhs recording facilities plus tapes. The tv went but left me with the tapes.

loopyloo Thu 14-Sep-17 10:53:24

River walk, you are an inspiration. That's exactly what I must get on to doing. Where shall I start?

lindarumsey Thu 14-Sep-17 10:53:32

Sunseeker, I listed my old videos as "free on collection" locally on Streetlife and they went in a couple of days.

vampirequeen Thu 14-Sep-17 10:59:47

Well done Riverwalk.

I do this a couple of times a year. I'm very strict with myself. If it hasn't been used for a year there are two options:
1. It goes to charity shop or bin
2. If I think I may need it in the next six months it goes back but if it's not used in that time then out it goes.

I'm in the process of doing this again atm. The only thing that is exempt from this process is my grandma's little poaching pan. I never use it and every time I sort things out I put it onto the 'going' pile but then I put it back in the cupboard. It holds too many happy memories of my grandma's back kitchen.

I used to keep everything but when I escaped from my ex I had very little and realised how little you actually need to live comfortably. So I decided never to fill cupboards and drawers with unused stuff again.

Like Riverwalk says, it's really liberating.

Charleygirl Thu 14-Sep-17 11:00:13

Sunseeker have you got a local Freecycle? I am amazed at what goes. I have recently given away a working kettle which dripped so badly when pouring I was likely to burn myself. I did state that it dripped badly and it went very quickly.

Have you tried googling to find out if there is interest anywhere in the country before you bin them?

sunseeker Thu 14-Sep-17 11:00:53

lindarumsey I looked up Streetlife but apparently it has been taken over by an American company called Nextdoor and there is a big fuss over the fact that full names and addresses of members are shown online. Shame as it sounds like something I would have used.

Grandson2008 Thu 14-Sep-17 11:09:25

I agree a good sort out does you good. I donate regularly to heart foundation. Beginning of this year I decided not to buy anymore clothes and to get my wardrobes yes wardrobes in some sort of order. I set up a saving account and money I would have spent I put away as it's our ruby wedding next Tyler and we've both had a couple of hard years health parents etc and it's sureprising how much you can put away. Plus I am actually now using what I have. Just makes you feel better decluttering sof keep it up x

Grandson2008 Thu 14-Sep-17 11:10:25

Sorry about mistakes it's my Wookey brain ☺

Lupatria Thu 14-Sep-17 11:11:25

streetlife was absolutely fantastic - i found loads of information on there and used it when i needed to find people like window cleaners and what to do with one of those "swingy seats" which had a rotten seat.
i was automatically transferred to its successor but came away from that as it didn't cover the same area that streetlife did and showed all my details which i didn't really want shown.
there was an awful to do about this and i think that most of the streetlife regulars refused to transfer in the end. haven't a clue if nextdoor is still going in my area.

nipsmum Thu 14-Sep-17 11:14:39

I've just had a text to say the money from the books I got rid off has been paid to my bank account. I'm also waiting on money from Ziffit for books too. It's a lovely feeling to clear out things. My next job is to sort things from my sister's house that came here when she died 5 years ago. Mostly Doulton figurines and lots of ornaments and China and crystal. Not a pleasant job but it needs to be done.

Riverwalk Thu 14-Sep-17 11:19:37

I was loath to put the videos in the 'junk' pile but no charity wants them. Even on the various council recycling sites they say they're in the soiled nappies, catlitter category i.e. not re-cycleable. I don't do Ebay or sell online.

Imperfect27 Thu 14-Sep-17 11:22:05

Well done Riverwalk !

When we downsized three years ago, we had a massive clearout. DH recalls about 20 trips to a particular charity shop with bootloads each time. He said he thought he might get an invite to their Christmas party! smile

FarNorth Thu 14-Sep-17 11:27:13

Fantastic, Riverwalk!
And very encouraging to a procrastinator like me.

vampirequeen Thu 14-Sep-17 11:28:49

As Charliegirl said, try Freecycle or Freegle. I can virtually guarantee someone will take them off your hands. I've given and received so much via Freegle.

Victoria08 Thu 14-Sep-17 11:39:21

No one wants VHS tapes anymore. It's a shame.
I ended up taking mine to the local tip ages ago.

As for Cd's, have just chucked a load of them out as well.
Charity shops don't want them either.

As for Nextdoor. I think it's very good.
Have sold , bought and had recommendations for tradespeople. I find it very helpful. Depending on what you want.

Riverwalk Thu 14-Sep-17 11:47:04

CD's can be physically recycled - they're ground up and made into some other material, or something like that. Can only assume that it's not cost-effective/possible to do this with VHS tapes.

Horatia Thu 14-Sep-17 12:03:03

I still use VHS tapes, I prefer them to DVDs and some charity shops still sell them. I bring them back to re-sell as I know there are a few still like them too from the staff. I search for them most days I am in town.

Doreen5 Thu 14-Sep-17 12:20:15

Well done you! Keeping things you don't use is very depressing and clogs up your mind. Getting rid of unused and unwanted stuff should be available on prescription. Much better than any medication!

Jeannie59 Thu 14-Sep-17 12:25:45

Could you put a list of companies that buy books ect from you please.
We are having a clear out and was hoping to do a bootfair, but now autumn is here, I don't fancy it.

paddyann Thu 14-Sep-17 12:27:28

I gave all my old VHS tapes to the care for the elderly ward at our local hospital,a lot were old B/W movies they would have known from the 40's and 50's and they were very much appreciated.If you hava player and get it checked out they would likely take it too.Although our hospital has a guy to pat? checks small electricals including patients own TV's

devongirl Thu 14-Sep-17 13:03:08

river I am so impressed! but sad to see that Junk Monkey only operates in London. Does anyone know of anythink comparable in Oxfordshire?

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