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Good Morning Sunday

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NanKate Sun 21-Jul-19 06:59:38

Morning Folks.

NanKate Sun 21-Jul-19 07:03:18

In the absence of Mick I have started the Good Morning thread.

Weather warming up here in the New Forest. It’s the local Carnival today which is always good fun.

Not sure of our eating arrangements today, maybe a bbq at the Quayside pub.

aggie Sun 21-Jul-19 07:11:40

Good Morning all , dry and bright, bit of gardening needed today

Beechnut Sun 21-Jul-19 07:16:37

Good Morning everyone and thank you NanKate for opening. We stayed in the New Forest and had a little pony try to get into our accommodation. The Motor Museum at Beauleui was a favourite place to visit.

Cloudy on Severnside.
I think I’ll go and do some shop browsing this morning and then some more weeding.

I hop you all have a good day 🌸

Beechnut Sun 21-Jul-19 07:18:38

Take it steady if you hop 😂

aggie Sun 21-Jul-19 07:24:11

Bunny hops ?

Marydoll Sun 21-Jul-19 07:25:06

Good morning all from a pleasant Glasgow. Five minutes ago, the sun was shining, now it's cloudy! confused

Than's Kate for starting the thread. I'm glad to see you are having a lovely break, you deserve it after all the running about you do after others!

I'm off to church this morning, pick up DH's suit from dry cleaners and then I'm going to chill! (Hopefully!)

At BIL's funeral I noticed that DH's suit was looking a bit "tired", I kept asking before the funeral if that was his "good" dark suit. After the funeral, I insisted he empty his wardrobe, (too high for me to reach) and there were TWO almost new suits, hanging up!!!! ....And he talks about me, having too many clothes. grin

I hope everyone has a pleasant and relaxing Sunday.

kittylester Sun 21-Jul-19 07:34:09

Morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

Not much planned for today except lunch at the restaurant in the village.

I hope everyone has a lovely day.

harrigran Sun 21-Jul-19 07:38:14

Good morning from a mild but not sunny NE.
Our local family fun day was spoilt by frequent torrential rain, not much fun on rain sodden grass.
Family coming this afternoon and leaving GD2 for sleepover.

Hal49 Sun 21-Jul-19 07:44:23

Morning all from an overcast Mid Wales. Hopefully it will brighten up later.

More gardening for me today as I’m still trying to clear a lot of brambles and nettles that have encroached from a neighbouring field. Hopefully I do not get too many nettle stings today!

Wishing everyone a lovely day whatever your plans are 😊

Auntieflo Sun 21-Jul-19 08:17:41

Morning NanKate, Annie to come, and all. It's cooler here this morning, and I slept better last night. There was no rain overnight, as on the two previous nights, but our water butts are nicely filling again.
Church later on, then nothing planned, but probably pottering in the garden, or a trip to the local garden centre, with all it's temptations.
Have a good day one and all.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:25:02

Morning all from an overcast South Notts.
Heavy showers yesterday prevented the weekly lawn mowing so let's see what's in store for today.
A drive, then the big shop later.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Brunette10 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:25:11

Good Morning to everyone from a dullish Fife, another day like yesterday I think, rainy and sometimes sunny. No plans for today so far as DH isn't feeling too good, feeling bit sickly so will stay in bed until he feels better. I shall just do whatever. No breakfast for him though. Hope Sunday is good to all.

Pantglas1 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:30:00

Happy Sunday morning all. It is so peaceful here on a Sunday as the Spanish still treat it as a day of rest, not even cooking!

DH has been up for a while using up scraps of wood to make a planter for the roof terrace and I’m about to make some jam with golden plums a friend has kindly donated!

Enjoy your day everyone.

Sar53 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:31:51

Good morning everyone from a fairly bright Essex by the sea. We are off to take the train to the end of the very long pier in Southend. I hope there is somewhere for a cup of tea at the end !!! Nothing else planned today.
Have a good day everyone.

Lins1066 Sun 21-Jul-19 08:32:18

Good Morning from a fairly bright S Welsh coast where the sun is trying to come out.

We were lucky yesterday, fine and sunny for our Carnival. Our little town is packed to the gunnels with holiday makers and the Carnival is always well attended.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

gillybob Sun 21-Jul-19 08:33:20

Good morning from a cloudy Cheshire . Heading home soon after what has been a bit of a wash out of a weekend . Never mind . At least we had a few breaks in the rain for the flower show on Thursday . I pity those who went on Friday or Saturday.

Have a good Sunday everyone x

EllanVannin Sun 21-Jul-19 08:35:09

Good Morning All x
It was sunny earlier, but------we have cloud with rain forecast for later on and it's not so warm either. Nothing depresses me more than the weather and we're stuck with it !

Chicken prepared for roasting and will scrape the potatoes after. Nothing much else on the agenda so far, usual quiet Sunday.
Take it easy everyone and enjoy your day.

Mapleleaf Sun 21-Jul-19 08:52:12

Morning everyone,

It’s a bit overcast this morning, but it is fine and is forecast to remain so.
Hoping to go bird watching later for an hour or two, otherwise a quiet sort of day.
Hope you all have a nice Sunday. 🙂

Anniebach Sun 21-Jul-19 08:55:54

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Really down ,

Hope everyone has a good day x

Grammaretto Sun 21-Jul-19 09:04:20

Good morning Nankate and all from the Scottish Borders. I'm about to sit outside and drink my cuppa while the sun lasts. I slept in . What a treat. I'm alone again today but I have plans.
I hope or hop wink for a nice day all round.

NannyJan53 Sun 21-Jul-19 09:06:14

Good Morning from a sunnyish Upton upon Severn.

We were lucky with the weather yesterday, just s sharp shower about 1.30 for 30 mint. We pulled up in the car park right next to our friends we we going to meet up with later.

Leaving hotel shortly for breakfast by the river, then an afternoon of more bands.

Thanks for starting the thread *Kate" and wishing you all s pleasant Sunday.

Harris27 Sun 21-Jul-19 09:14:00

Good morning all from a sunny ne. Hubby goin to play tennis with youngest son better not be hobbling for work tomorrow. 😊 Doing some baking and knitting this afternoon. Then work tomorrow in my lovely place. Have a good day all.

Urmstongran Sun 21-Jul-19 09:33:12

Good morning everyone from a gloriously sunny South Manchester. I’ve not long woken up! I slept solid for 10 hours. Last night I was sooo tired I could’ve slept hung up on a washing line with two good pegs.

It’s Lancashire Cricket Club fun day today. Lancs are playing plus loads of family things going on. Grandad has a ticket to go with son in law and our now 7y old cricketer at noon. I shall be with our daughter and the cute toddler 2y old in a cafe local to them which has a cafe - cake and Prosecco for us!

Here’s a photo from last year’s event.

BlueSapphire Sun 21-Jul-19 09:42:14

Good morning everyone from a bright Northampton.

About to make a batch of Yorkshire puddings for the freezer, and then have a sausage butty. Going to see the new Lion King film this afternoon at our local arts cinema; saw the trailer the other week and it looked very good. Then home to roast chicken dinner. Have also booked to take DGDs to see Horrible Histories in a couple of weeks time during Grandma holiday care time.

Hope everyone enjoys some nice weather today.