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Thunder bolt !

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ninathenana Thu 13-Aug-20 18:44:17

OMG I've never heard a thunder bolt before. Just had the loudest bang I've ever heard crash right above us.
Only a light shower though 😒
We're in N Kent.

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 13-Aug-20 18:47:11

We had ours last night, followed by a 15 hour power cut and no Broadband until after lunch time today, murky here, but not thundery.

NfkDumpling Thu 13-Aug-20 18:51:51

Scary isn't it! I was once watching a storm in the dark standing at our kitchen door with our Springer spaniel beside me when the nearby electricity pole took a direct hit. Sparks flew across the wires twisting all over the place. I wasn't aware of either of us hitting the floor but we were both down there!

Strangely daft dog was still unafraid of thunder or fireworks. Thunder meant cuddles and fireworks meant sausages. Gunshots on the other hand ...

EightyPercentCocoaSolids Thu 13-Aug-20 19:04:22

I saw one hit a friend's house once. It zig-zagged down and hit the ariel on the roof. Luckily there wasn't much damage, it was spectacular in a dramatic way and very loud. It scared their horses who were close by.

NfkDumpling Thu 13-Aug-20 19:38:14

Love your name 80% but I fear you will be abbreviated!

Doodledog Thu 13-Aug-20 20:18:29

We had the storm, the power cut (which for some reason also affected mobile signal), on Monday night/Tuesday, and today is muggy and humid.

Pittcity Thu 13-Aug-20 21:56:40

It's just started again here. Love it.
We've only been hit once, blew up our TV box.
MIL would've run around unplugging everything.

EightyPercentCocoaSolids Thu 13-Aug-20 23:16:16


Love your name 80% but I fear you will be abbreviated!

Happy to be abbreviated !

MissAdventure Thu 13-Aug-20 23:19:38

Not a sausage here.
I keep nipping out to look at the sky.

It's so warm out.

harrigran Thu 13-Aug-20 23:40:13

Nothing here in the NE but it has been blooming chilly and damp today.

MissAdventure Thu 13-Aug-20 23:48:29

It's still 19 here, but the relentless heat has really built up in my flat over the last couple of weeks.

It's so oppressive.

crazyH Thu 13-Aug-20 23:54:07

Thunderbolt and lightning
Very, very frightening

Anyway, just to say, I have actually seen 'ball lightening ' roll down the road in front of our house, during the monsoons.

Chewbacca Fri 14-Aug-20 00:02:35

We had 2 nights of it, the one on Tuesday night being the worst; it went on for hours and hours. 2 houses nearby were hit by lightening, one of which lost its entire roof to the fire.
I was once stood under the porch during a thunderstorm and lightening hit the lightening rod on a nearby factory's tall chimney. The noise made my ears ring for days! Never heard anything like it. But I do love watching a good thunderstorm!

MiniMoon Fri 14-Aug-20 00:04:39

Not thundery here today, but a cool breeze. I don't think the temperature rose above 17°.
Ours is a cold house, facing east, and DH out the heating on for an hour tonight!!!

MiniMoon Fri 14-Aug-20 00:05:10


NfkDumpling Fri 14-Aug-20 07:24:05

My bit of Norfolk (well, most of Norfolk really) would love a thunder storm. Next week please when most of the harvest will be in. But no later as we've not had a drop of rain for weeks.

Nortsat Fri 14-Aug-20 07:47:04

nina, we are in east London and we suddenly had a thunder bolt last night, which was so loud, I thought it was a huge bomb.
It frightened the life out of me. I’ve never heard one so loud, in the UK before.

No rain though ...

ninathenana Fri 14-Aug-20 10:14:31

Sadly I've since heard that the thunder bolt killed a horse in a field 1/2 mile away from us.

henetha Fri 14-Aug-20 10:17:00

Years ago a friend told me that they had a thunderbolt which came in the back door, zoomed through the house, and went out of the front door. She swore it was true.

infoman Fri 14-Aug-20 10:26:09

Hope you don't mind me passing on this tip,
If their is a forecast of thunder and lighting during the night
I fully charge the mobile phone and then turn it off before bedtime and do the same thing with the portable radio batterys.
Thinking about getting some additional portable lights in the conservatory which are constantly on charge and if get a power cut in the middle of the night at least you have some light.