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Good Evening FryDay

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Rufus2 Fri 04-Dec-20 13:19:10

Lovely day again weatherwise, but of course that’s about to change for the weekend, windy, wet and colder!
Plucked up courage this morning and went out with Freda for a much-needed haircut; for me, that is! having decided I didn’t look anything like a distinguished professor having seen so many on TV pontificating about anything remotely pandemic-related.
Btw. the haircut set me back$24; it was $23 before Covid!
Face-mask was mandatory indoors which didn’t help Andrew when manipulating his scissors about my ears. I fully expected him to snip the elastic and have the mask
zipping across his salon. Fortunately no masks required outdoors.

Another sight to behold today, apart from my sharp haircut, was a big jet on the flight-path to Tullamarine (Melb’s main airport). Haven’t seen that for months
TV News this evening actually showed a jet at Tulla after transporting about 150 Army personnel from Townsville. Their job, apparently, is to assist police in supervising hotel quarantine. The previous private companies were sacked and blamed for the serious breaches that led to our 2nd wave.
I guess it’s prudent not to drop our guard after all the hard work that’s been put in by everybody; I guess a 3rd wave has to be anticipated, even though some people are claiming there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now that we’ve passed 35 days without a single incident. Others reply that it must be a “bl**dy long tunnel!

BlueSky The name “Rufus” seems to sit well with kindliness.!
When I enlisted in GN a couple of years ago a Rufus Sewell (actor) had all the Granniesdrooling after him.

An American expert was having a go at you “Brits” on TV today (you must be thinking I’m a TV junkie!) claiming that whilst the USA is cautiously testing vaccines, you have jumped in without a proper testing regime. I think Pfizer was mentioned.
We are due to get the Oxford variety, even going to manufacture it here, but I’ve lost track of the timetable.

rafichagran From what I can gather from our Michelle’s weather reports
(remember B’mouth beige cardis!?) she reckons it been raining “cats and dogs” so there could be lots of "Rufuses" around.
Does your work present any Covid risks beyond the usual?
So you’re going for broke with The Jab! ? I chickened out over our shopping trip. The next one is after the “magic 14 days”, and I’ll know how things are by then I hope.

Megs There you go! The “magic 14 days.” Our strain of Covid requires a compulsory isolation of 14 days, whether self or ordained by authorities if contact has been made with a confirmed Covid scenario.
That appears to be the incubation period; no symptoms, no problem!
So I’ll wait out the 14 days after mass vaccinations begin then probably decide not to bother.
I suppose the “jabs” have to be be given in controlled situations which would preclude home visits, but isn’t there any Govt, arrangement to take you to where-ever, for free of course, being as you say ” aged and vulnerable”?
We have several volunteer groups for such situations, although I must admit they shut down during the worst stages.

Finally, back to the TV! We had another UK Chocolate doco this evening showing the manufacture and devouring of Walnut Whips, Jaffa Cakes, Chocolate Digestives etc. etc.
The coup de grace was a skilled chocalateur in Malta creating a 7ft. tall statue of Neptune complete with all his sea-faring gear; all out of chocolate.
The numbers of millions of daily production of all these life-savers were too much to comprehend.

Now I’ve got a thumping head-ache! sad
Good Health wine wine wine

CC90 Fri 04-Dec-20 13:59:30

The US expert you referred to has backtracked about his comment . Of course he didn’t mean what he said to sound the way it did ! Maybe he’s been leaned on . There are enough people already on social media saying the vaccine isn’t safe to put off those wavering . I see the Australian government isn’t expecting to see vaccinations begin until March . Personally I’m glad to see the NHS vans loaded up with vaccine ready to begin next week . Roll on a better “normality “!

Jane10 Fri 04-Dec-20 14:23:28

I second that CC90!

rafichagran Fri 04-Dec-20 17:06:29

Hi Rufus Hope you are having a good day. In answer to your question about work, all precautions are taken, however I feel I should have it not only for myself but for others too.
Have a good evening and enjoy your Fryday, if you are going to or have had one for your tea.

Jaxjacky Fri 04-Dec-20 18:23:57

Hi Rufus, brass monkey weather here, full coats n ‘ats, you’d have left your hair uncut. Pleased you took Freda for a jaunt, i bet she enjoyed it
I too have recently heard the odd ‘big’ plane going over about 6am, Heathrow or Gatwick, think they’re predominantly supplies, few people. I’ll have the vaccine when it’s my turn, much as things have been a shambles, I don’t believe the scientists would wilfully release something unsafe.
A weekend looms, good job partying days are gone, most excitement is the crossword in the paper.
Stay safe 🥂