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I have done something dreadful..

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Lettice Tue 26-Jan-21 22:27:33

and there is no escaping the consequences.
I had decided to have my wispy hair cut once the hairdresser re-opens. No, dammit. I can do a simple snip. Clippers with particularly long head means it cannot possibly be too short. Well done, it looks good.. except that bit on the back. Change the head to something a bit shorter and neaten the job. My arm won't reach round the back properly and ZOOm it goes right over my head. Oh dear. Never mind you can still win this one with a little snip here and a little snip there.
Have you read the poem Chocolate Cake, where the child keeps going back to take a tiny bit of cake that no-one will notice and of course ends up eating the whole cake. Well my style is now G.I. Jane.
Have you ever done anything as stupid.

BlueBelle Tue 26-Jan-21 22:35:07

Are you related to the one or was it two ladies who had a short back and sides curtesy of their spouses
How strange
Are you a new poster Lettice

Tangerine Tue 26-Jan-21 22:52:19

I feel sorry for you Lettice.

Luckily my hair is the same length at the sides and back so I am leaving those parts alone. I am able to cut my fringe.

It must be hard for people with fancy styles, especially if they are short, as they require regular precise cuts.

Spice101 Tue 26-Jan-21 22:57:14

Never mind it will grow.
Meanwhile slap on a beanie and no one will see it.

Luckygirl Tue 26-Jan-21 23:04:16

I am sure you look very trendy - even more so if you were to dye it pink!

I used to cut all my DD's hair - and I can remember sitting at Sunday lunch and looking at the fringes as they sat eating their roast - and getting up and grabbing the scissors as I could see all the mistakes! smile

Callistemon Tue 26-Jan-21 23:07:44

Don't look at the back of mine.
I cut it myself ; it's not that short but it's kind of zigzag and lumpy in parts.

cornishpatsy Tue 26-Jan-21 23:22:33

Oh dear, I hope it suits you.

Charleygirl5 Tue 26-Jan-21 23:31:32

I managed to get my hair cut professionally before this lockdown but the sides are growing faster than the back which is fine because I can cope with the sides. The back of my hair would resemble Callistemon's if I cut it, not a pretty sight.

Eloethan Wed 27-Jan-21 00:03:29

I dyed my hair black when I was about 19. I thought it looked absolutely awful - and that was confirmed when everyone at work made not one mention of it.

FannyCornforth Wed 27-Jan-21 02:36:57

The poem is by Michael Rosen.
I had a skinhead for a couple
of years. It looked awesome! But then I was 19 and very slim. It's not a look that I'd easily get away with now envy

I can't understand why people can't cope without a hair cut for a couple of months.
At the start of the first lockdown it seemed that folk were dashing for the clippers within a few days!

Marilla Wed 27-Jan-21 04:56:01

I wanted the ‘Diana’ style of longish, swept back layers.
I explained exactly what I wanted to the hairdresser and I came out with spikes and hardly any hair left at the side!
(This disaster was performed at a very posh Glasgow salon).

This doesn’t quite meet the thread criteria, but every time I visit the hairdresser I think of that day.

FannyCornforth Wed 27-Jan-21 05:07:30

My worst haircut was when I was growing out the aforementioned skinhead, a process which seemed to take up much of my twenties.
I wanted a graduated bob with it short at the nape but longer on top (I know that you know what I mean).
Anyway, he shaved the back of my head in an upside down U shape. The more upset I got and tried to explain that it was wrong, the higher up he shaved sad
I phoned my mom in tears for her to pick me up, and when she saw the monstrosity she marched into the salon, all guns blazing! Bless her.
She took me to her hairdresser to try to sort it out. He was gobsmacked. He said 'that really is a f***ing awful haircut'.

gt66 Wed 27-Jan-21 08:41:19

........^have you ever done anything as stupid^

No I haven't Lettice (love the name btw), but I've been sorely tempted to do it deliberately, in the heat of the summer, when my fine hair drives me mad! I've often wanted to get the clippers and run them over my head, a la Sinead O'Connor, but I've never been brave enough, so strangely I envy you a little! smile

Grammaretto Wed 27-Jan-21 08:55:45

It will grow, thankfully. We may be here in Lockdown for some time so as long as you don't look in the mirror Lettice

"Have you a good memory for faces?" asks the landlady
"Yes, why?" replies the tenant
" Because there's no mirror " she replies

I was just wondering why my hair, fingernails but particularly toenails continue to grow and cause problems.

Urmstongran Wed 27-Jan-21 09:39:28

My dear dad used to say ‘the only difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about six weeks’.

LauraNorder Wed 27-Jan-21 09:47:30

I used Orlins clipper cutter thingies last May, cut all the top to about an inch where my grey roots ended then shaved back and sides. It looked great. Not game to do it again so it’s now about five inches long on top and four elsewhere.
Apparently the hair grows about half an inch a month so you’ll be okay by the time it’s too warm for a beanie hat.

GagaJo Wed 27-Jan-21 09:50:23

Post an anonymous pic Lettice! We are all dying to see it.

Callistemon Wed 27-Jan-21 10:01:12

I was tempted t take the scissors or clippers to mine this morning then I remembered this thread.

Franbern Wed 27-Jan-21 10:04:24

Great thing about hair is that it regrows. So, nothing you do or have done is irreversable. And, as we are not going out or attending social gatherings, really does not matter at present.

annodomini Wed 27-Jan-21 10:15:52

That brings back the time when I did it - not to myself but to my then ten-year-old son - 38 years ago and he's never let me forget it. Bit by bit, as I tried to get it even all over, it turned into a crew cut. Everyone tactfully said that he looked very cute, but what pre-teen wants to look 'cute'?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 27-Jan-21 10:27:44

By your title I was worried that you may have strangled a kitten! But don't worry, it'll grow back. During the first lockdown I cut my hair very short, almost crew cut and I rather liked it - it's normally a pixie cut which loses its shape if not maintained. Hairdresser said it wasn't too bad. This time I've trimmed my fringe and it's not a pretty sight. Worse things happen at sea as dear old mum used to say.

Lettice Wed 27-Jan-21 13:48:00

Luckygirl I don't have enough hair left to dye, although I did have some purple and orange colours standing by. I have a small tuft at the front . I had not been to a hairdresser for almost two years, and it was only just below my chinline, growing out from an ordinary pixie - so with that rate of growth I expect to be bald and semi-bald for about two years. It just looks so funny.
Bluebell, not a new poster. My last contribution was on the thread about mother's favourite child.