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What Clubs do you belong to/have you belonged to?

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nanna8 Thu 04-Mar-21 05:40:06

After this Covid business I have given up a book group and a poetry group because I realised I wasn't that interested in either of them and it was too much having to read prescribed stuff every month.

I still belong to 2 Probus Clubs which also have walking groups and a ukulele group, the Red Hat Society and then there are church activities so I figure that is enough.
In the past I have belonged to a scrapbooking group ( fun but there is a limit to how many scrapbooks you want), linedancing which I do miss and might rejoin one day. There are a lot of those sort of activities around for us older ladies and you could go to something every day if you wanted.

NotAGran55 Thu 04-Mar-21 06:45:04

The Brownies was the last and only club I have ever belonged to .

janeainsworth Thu 04-Mar-21 07:02:33

The local tennis club (not able to play right now), local photographic society(not able to meet right now), book group which has managed to keep going on Zoom.
Pilates & TaiChi online classes which are like clubs really.
Belong to National Trust & RHS - does that count?

Ashcombe Thu 04-Mar-21 07:07:14

A novel idea for a thread! I used to be in our local Red Hat Society, nanna8, but gave it up a couple of years ago as I couldn’t justify my membership when I missed many gatherings and events due to my regular trips to be with DH in France. Those were the days!

For a year or so, I attended an evening class to improve my French but found the homework requirement too time consuming. If I emailed it to the teacher too early, she sent me more to do! So that was abandoned.

The two constants in recent years (and elsewhere before retiring) have been church attendance and amateur dramatics. The latter is my passion and I’m hoping we can go ahead with plans for staging ‘Allo, ‘Allo this summer, postponed from last year. Here’s a link to our theatre company website:-

Ashcombe Thu 04-Mar-21 07:08:23

P.S. I forgot to include an exercise class “Move It Or Lose It.”

grandmajet Thu 04-Mar-21 07:17:18

We moved on retirement nearly 7 years ago and joined a couple of clubs to make new friends. The local Ramblers, where we were made very welcome, and the U3A. In the latter, I joined a walking group and country dancing, DH joined a discussion group and a more challenging walking group.
We now feel really settled here.
What is the Red Hat society?

Bellasnana Thu 04-Mar-21 07:24:51

I’ve never been a member of any club. Not even Brownies. Just the thought of it gives me anxiety.😨

Santana Thu 04-Mar-21 07:26:57

I've just realised that the only clubs I have ever been involved in are slimming clubs, and I hated those.
I could say that working made clubs impossible, but there were always a lot of lunch time groups where I worked, so no excuse.
Probably just anti social then!
If I'm honest though, I have always been a bit shy and have had to put a lot of effort into hiding it. It can be quite exhausting.

Blinko Thu 04-Mar-21 07:55:16

I miss my two bridge clubs and our U3a play reading group. I hope to go back to them all once we're free again.

Grandmabatty Thu 04-Mar-21 08:01:11

I used to be in am dram clubs when I was younger. Brownies and guides when I was much younger. Recently I was in a local art club. I enjoyed it however it has disbanded because of lock down and covid. I, too, have been in slimming clubs and loathed them. They were cliquey.

Scentia Thu 04-Mar-21 08:01:24

OMG I am a serial club attender😂
Brownies & Guides, Scouts as a leader, swimming, slimming, motorcycle, football, running, triathlon, craft, photography, theatre, gardening. I am a member of none of those now. As soon as Covid is over I am joining the WI attached to our church, I feel I am ready for it!!! (I may also go back to slimming club as I definitely need it😂)

kittylester Thu 04-Mar-21 08:13:20

I belonged to the Cacti Club at junior school - I have no idea why.

H1954 Thu 04-Mar-21 08:27:01

I am a member of our local u3a. Despite all face to face meetings and activities being suspended for a whole year our Committee have been amazing! We have received a monthly Newsletter throughout and regular phone calls/ video calls to check on our wellness. I had previously thought about not renewing my membership this year but my "u3a family" have made the loneliness and isolation created by the pandemic that bit easier to tolerate and now I find myself wanting to give something back by way of thanks for all their dedication and hard work. I shall renew my membership and hopefully I will soon be able to join their team of volunteers.

sodapop Thu 04-Mar-21 08:33:42

Brownies and Guides here as well, unfortunately I was expelled from the Guides following a boy related incident. Rules were a lot stricter then.

BlueSapphire Thu 04-Mar-21 08:35:53

DH and I belonged to a camera club for several years and also played badminton regularly, but they fell by the wayside when we had the children and then we were posted abrosd.

I have belonged to a ladies' wine group for nearly 30 years, and also a book club for the last couple of years - both are on hold at the moment, but hoping to start again once this is all over.

I also walked regularly with two groups, did yoga and ballet weekly; also hoping to go back to them later this year.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 04-Mar-21 08:41:14

I belong to our village Book group, which I love. We generally meet in the local Coffee Shop, but are currently zooming! I also belong to the local Art Society, which at the moment is organising a lot of online lectures. I belong to a Church home group - on zoom for now. OH and I belong to the U3A - OH does more than me. I am secretary of our WI and am trying to sort out the AGM when some ladies cannot figure out zoom?

rubysong Thu 04-Mar-21 08:42:44

I was a Brownie and 'flew up' to Guides but as soon as that happened the Guide leader left the district and Guides finished. Next was a primary school Young Farmers club started by a lovely teacher. My DM was a keen WI member so as soon as I was married and settled I joined. I'm also in a book group, choir, currently not meeting, and involved with our church social committee.

silverlining48 Thu 04-Mar-21 08:47:50

Slimming clubs most of my adult life which don’t really count as social events.
Joined U3A last March, paid my fee and that was my first and last meeting as lockdown was imposed the following week.

Anniebach Thu 04-Mar-21 08:48:52

Young Farmers , Scouts and Guides was Akela and Brown Owl,
Police Wives, Young Wives, Jazz , Poetry Reading, Beacons Rambling, Flower Guild, Photography,

pensionpat Thu 04-Mar-21 08:50:22

Not quite as many as Scentia. I love to be part of a group. So, Brownies, Guides, many slimming clubs, flower arranging, breast-feeding support group, book club, National Housewives Register in 1972. Re-joined a few years ago now it is called National Women’s Register, keep fit, country dancing, badminton, social club. And more in the future probably.

silverlining48 Thu 04-Mar-21 08:51:43

Forgot that I spent a year in a choir, realised after starting I just can’t keep in tune but I am
Nothing if not a tryer.
. In the end conceded defeat and slunk away.

Franbern Thu 04-Mar-21 08:52:33

Having moved some 150 miles from where I lived previously, I joined the local U3A in order to get to know people in my new locality. Was going well, v.large U3A here, lots of different interest groups. I was starting to try different ones out when the first Lockdown started.

Rather threw out my idea of getting to know people, and I found it very hard - but as last year wore on, several of the groups started Zoom meetings, and I joined these. Now attend two or three each week. Have been wonderful.

Gingster Thu 04-Mar-21 08:58:27

I too belong to the U3A and could be doing something different all day and every day. It’s brilliant if you like clubs
I belong to Chimes, Bridge, bowls, art, ramblers, book club and playreading.

DH is not a joiner inner so only plays golf and tennis. Consequently we don’t see much of each other 😂.

Jaxjacky Thu 04-Mar-21 09:07:18

Girl Guides, until I got chucked out. Slimming World, but I just used to go, get weighed and get out. The only one I belong to know is the local Allotment Society.

henetha Thu 04-Mar-21 10:07:38

Not really a club person, although when I think back I have belonged to various things, mostly keep fit of one sort and another, - Yoga, trampolining, music and movement, a gym, etc.
And I joined U3A for a while and liked it although it was a bit 'clicky' .