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sauna and steam rooms any news on when they will open

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infoman Wed 14-Apr-21 08:50:22

The gym I use has swimming and Jaccuzi
in operation,
although the sauna and steam rooms are not.
I know its a government instruction,
does any one know when the sauna and steam rooms will open?

Esspee Wed 14-Apr-21 08:54:03

Why on earth would you want to sit in a small enclosed space sweating and breathing the same air as a number of random people in the middle of a pandemic?
I really would like to know.

Redhead56 Wed 14-Apr-21 09:06:31

I can’t think of anything worse to do especially now.

AmberSpyglass Wed 14-Apr-21 09:11:08

They’re probably petri dishes right now, but I do miss them!

lemongrove Wed 14-Apr-21 10:22:55

My idea of hell, even in normal times, but surely the wrong thing at the moment.Are you not worried at all about Covid infoman?

Blossoming Wed 14-Apr-21 10:39:08

You could ask at the gym.