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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:44:12

Hi! Nice to be back and I see things are back to normal with only one thread removed; not even cherry-picked.!
You are a naughty lot!
All had a nice St. George’s Day? It’s always a heart-warming sight to see his flag fluttering proudly in the breeze!
Unfortunately ANZAC day commemorations on April 25 have been cancelled due to Covid. Instead, we are encouraged to put a candle at dawn on our doorstep for our personal ANZAC Day memories. It’s a very important day in the calendar!, religiously observed!
Perth (that's ours, not your Scotch one) and environs have also had to cancel because of a 3 day lockdown imposed from now because of a +ve Covid test!
It’s amazing when they do a tracing of a victim’s previous travels how far some have gone a how many venues they’ve attended in such a short space of time!

We are4 having some pretty ordinary weather right now; very cool made more uncomfortable by a steady Southerly breeze and a permanently grey sky1 No rain at this end of the country, but vastly fifferent at the Top End where they are measuring daily rainfall totals in metres instead of millimetres! sad

Megs Thanks for your welcome home message!
Now we all know what TAAT means! It’s also an Acronym and a palindrome. We live and learn; if you’re quick, that is, before the information is deleted!
Hope you and Mr. M are keeping well!

Jaxjacky Nice pic of shiny new greenhouse! Thank you!
Can I suggest an enhancement for your next one!? Could you lounge nonchantly in the doorway, casually holding in one hand a gardening implement such as a trowel to show you’re a fair-dinkum gardener and a glass of something in the other.?
Of course somebody else would have to hold the camera, eg Mr. J unless he insists on being there too clutching his pot of Guinness! Only joking if that’s still allowed!
Btw; something else caught my eye! Greenhouses here sometimes have whitewash smeared all over the windows to prevent the sun from burning up seedlings and the like!
But I notice on to-day’s “Good Morning” thread that some rotten swine has already pinched it! shock

rafichagran Thanks for your encouragement! I’m still wearing my Army-surplus tinhat! hoping this thread always remains intact as a friendly meeting place for sensible discussions.
I hope it survives al least until I pop my clogs! hmm

Good Health Everyone wine wine wine

Aveline Fri 23-Apr-21 14:49:30

Good evening Rufus2. It's a warm sunny afternoon here. Most odd. We might even have a drink outside this evening.
Diet suspension day so anything goes tonight. Chocolate melt in the middle puddings with Greek yoghurt 😋.
Just off to my Zoom TV critics group.
Glad to have you back on here again.

Jaxjacky Fri 23-Apr-21 16:11:58

Hi Rufus, I’m good at lounging! Just awaiting arrival of our grandchildren, still not a sniff of rain yet. We get a load of other wet stuff from the USA, they need to send us a low depression, something useful for a change. Cup game Sunday, you should beat Spurs. This weekend I need to ridge up my potatoes that are just poking through and water, hosepipes aren’t allowed on our allotments, so it’s back and forth with the watering can to the tap. It’s rather pleasant up there, quiet, loads of birds, the fencing is high to stop the deer and buried to stop the rabbits, woe betide if you leave the gates open! I’ll bid you adieu.
Take care 🥂

rafichagran Fri 23-Apr-21 20:07:19

Hi Rufus, lovely day here too, and a lazy one as well. Just enjoyed reading Gransnet and my murder mystery on the Kindle. Most importantly though no work.
Take care.

BlueSky Fri 23-Apr-21 21:41:19

Hi Rufus good to have you back. Well Perth WA in lockdown because of one positive Covid case! We would never be open again here! Shame about the Anzac Day celebrations, I’ve never missed them when I happened to be Down Under in April. The ceremony at dawn is very moving, those poor boys who probably never ventured far from home, came to Europe to die. Don’t know when we’ll be allowed to travel long haul again, at the moment it just seems a distant dream.
Anyway have a good week end. Take care x wine

Ro60 Sat 24-Apr-21 01:51:51

Hi Rufus, Glad you're back! Thanks to someone on the other post I found you here!
St Georges day came & went here with a few people putting flags out.
Had my hair cut for the first time in over a year!
Next week I'm looking forward to taking a friend for a health appointment & a chat. Our first day out - again in over a year. How lifes changed? Sound like my Grandmother now 😎
Hope Anzac day is special for you. 😷