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pollen count forecasts are they only done daily?

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infoman Mon 14-Jun-21 05:10:00

Are there no hour by hour forecasts?
Thank you for any info.

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Jun-21 07:33:38

There is an app called 'klarify' which looks very comprehensive.
I should think that it provides more frequent forecasts than daily ones.

infoman Mon 14-Jun-21 08:39:23

Thank you for the link,
I have also found out info about the high and low pollen counts during the day,
Peak times are up till midday in the morning
reducing from then till late afternoon
and then an increase again.
Also placing vaseline under nose can help,
I am also going to purchase one of thse plastic face shields which may prevent covid, as well as stoping the pollen getting onto the face.

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Jun-21 08:41:30

I have heard that eating honey which has been produced locally can help.

Ellianne Mon 14-Jun-21 09:14:41

I eat spoonfuls of honey to soothe my throat from pollen, but mine is manuka honey from New Zealand! Maybe I should look locally.

Shropshirelass Mon 14-Jun-21 09:21:18

I suffer with hay fever, sneezing and throat discomfort starts at around 4am and wakes me up! I take prescription antihistamines but the effect doesn’t last for 24 hours. I also use eye drops and sometimes a nasal spray. I have tried everything including local honey from bees that live half a mile away, but nothing works. Pollen peaks in the morning and evening, rain dampens it down but as soon as it starts to dry it is worse! Living by the coast is the only remedy I feel….. getting more appealing by the minute.

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Jun-21 09:28:32

Shropshirelass that is a brilliant reason!

grannysyb Mon 14-Jun-21 09:58:05

Shropshirelass, my son in law swears by fexofenadine which I think is a prescription only medicine, his really bad hayfever has eased a lot.

annodomini Mon 14-Jun-21 10:30:42

Fexofenadine and Dymista nasal spray have kept the worst symptoms of hay fever at bay for three years now. The ENT consultant did an allergy test and prescribed the spray, I already used the tablets.