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DianaLouise Wed 15-Sep-21 21:30:28

I have got to buy a small gift for a friend whose 60th I have been invited to I want to spend about £30 any ideas gratefully received she is not into gardening unfortunately and does not like flowers or chocolates

Forsythia Wed 15-Sep-21 21:46:14

A voucher for a beauty salon near to where she lives?
A voucher for an afternoon tea locally?
Pamper day treats at home?
Theatre tokens?

Nonogran Wed 15-Sep-21 21:51:46

Magazine subscription?
Book tokens?
A pair of pretty good quality costume jewellery earrings?
Feminine shoe protection bags for suitcase travel. (A bit quirky!)
National Trust subscription for 12 months?

Humbertbear Thu 16-Sep-21 08:51:46

Amazon voucher?
Not on the High Street sell pendants made from farthings dated the year of birth . I received one for my 70th.
Why not take her out for an afternoon tea?
Does she travel - I bought one friend a fancy toilet bag with lots of compartments.
Where do you live? If near London, tickets for the Summer Exhibition at the RA or for the Bag exhibition at the V n A.

Newquay Thu 16-Sep-21 08:52:24

At our age I always think we have enough “stuff” so, as others have suggested, things like subscriptions to local gardens, magazines etc?
Although I have a friend who still writes letters so lovely stationery is always welcomed-or a box of assorted greeetings cards for all occasions

mumofmadboys Thu 16-Sep-21 11:19:35

If I was the friend, I would like a M and S voucher but then I am pretty boring!!

Witzend Thu 16-Sep-21 11:32:43

When in doubt, IMO, M&S or John Lewis vouchers will never be wasted, or end up in charity shops, which I suspect is the fate of a good many presents.

I recently sent M&S vouchers for a niece’s 50th - I stopped sending birthday presents years ago but a 50th is special. Had a lovely card thanking me for the unexpected present.

Shandy57 Thu 16-Sep-21 11:36:21

I've just found a wine tasting group near my friend, each session costs £20. I'm going to find a pretty wine stopper and hide the voucher in the box.

Beswitched Thu 16-Sep-21 11:42:16

Bottle of bubbly?

geekesse Thu 16-Sep-21 22:34:31

I received (and appreciated) lots of alcohol for my 60th. The best was a magnum of wine my son bought en primeur when I was 50 and laid down for ten years so we could open it on my 60th.

NotAGran55 Thu 16-Sep-21 22:40:46

If I was your friend I wouldn’t want any of the things suggested.
I would much prefer a coffee and scone one afternoon and your company .

Visgir1 Fri 17-Sep-21 08:56:23

My friend for her 60th was given a gift token for a Tattoo... And she went for it now has Bird on her butt!

Dottygran59 Fri 17-Sep-21 08:58:15

I'm with NotAGran - really don't like stuff, but afternoon tea with a lovely friend and a long natter would make me very happy indeed

Hetty58 Fri 17-Sep-21 09:04:16

No more stuff - a day out with a picnic please!

crazygranny Sun 19-Sep-21 10:35:04

A delicious bottle of wine from Fortnum and Mason. They can deliver either to you or to her.

ShewhomustbeEbayed Sun 19-Sep-21 10:40:28

I have just bought a friend a bottle of flavoured gin with a glass, silent pool, I think.

lemsip Sun 19-Sep-21 10:47:16

I wouldn't want any stuff, was bought a dome with imitation small bouquet on a wooden base under it. made by 'shirylzee' not my thing at all not into ornaments of anytype at all. It sits on the side and I wish they'd saved their money but had to pretend to like it.

Junesun Sun 19-Sep-21 10:47:29

I've just had a 60th birthday and my favourite gifts were a 1961 lucky sixpence necklace and bracelet which I love . I also had an engraved trinket box and a glass vase engraved . Hope this helps

JuBut Sun 19-Sep-21 10:48:50

Something personal to them, or as others have suggested, afternoon tea, book tokens, vouchers for shop she shops at, eg M&S, Next, Amazon

Neen Sun 19-Sep-21 10:58:15

I write poetry, so depending on how close you are, I'd need a few details about her and I'll happily write one free and email it to you then you can get a nice frame to pop it in. X

Yammy Sun 19-Sep-21 11:00:58

You can commission maps of where they were born with the name and birthday written in calligraphy on them.
A newspaper for the day they were born and something advertised in it as a small present, like jacobs biscuits or soap that was around at the time.
A recipe book from the year they were born Bero comes to mind.

cc Sun 19-Sep-21 11:02:44

I think taking your friend out for a meal sounds like the best idea.

1summer Sun 19-Sep-21 11:21:00

Not for a birthday but someone kindly sent me a beautiful gift box from Bettys of Harrogate. It was a lovely treat.

Roxie62 Sun 19-Sep-21 11:23:01

What about a nice swarowski pen. I had one bought for my 60th and love it. Afteenoon tea is always very nice or a nice vase or wine glasses.

moobox Sun 19-Sep-21 11:47:11

I was looking at this website for a similar birthday :
or I guess if I was attending in person something could be made up like that from local shops