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Neen Mon 20-Sep-21 22:20:46


I know I shouldn't have when i got her last year but I did and now she's a nearly 18 month old who has more of the bed than me. She has her three walks a day and I sometimes hire the freedom field so she has of leash time. I talk to her and we play in the garden. She gives me her paw if she wants a treat and barks at the hoover still. She's a strong girlie but trys to sit on my lap or across me and loves soft toy play time and I love her. She's my friend.
My friend said she shouldn't be in the bed and I'm too close to her and she should be a dog, not spoken to like a human.
I'm not the only one surely ?

VANECAM Mon 20-Sep-21 22:28:51

If you live alone, by definition it follows that you can make all of your decisions without having to consider anyone else.

Enjoy your pooch and do as you like.

Don’t give other people’s negative views a second thought.

Granmarderby10 Mon 20-Sep-21 22:51:05

No Neen you are not the only one. If you live alone and you chose your dog (as apposed to having to accept one against your better judgment -like me) then enjoy 😊 your friend. Our pup is 19 months now and although small for a Labrador she is as fast as a whippet and very strong, energetic and quite the alpha female I think. She is unlike any other dog I have lived with. If it was just me in charge I think she would be far more relaxed but hey ho!.
Perhaps your friend feels a bit excluded from things since you got your pup, or feels she is getting in the way of your friendship. It’s tricky because I believe you really have to start as you mean to go on and be consistent with dogs, dogs need to know where they stand…or lie 😊

Ps. Question: what is this freedom field? And you can hire it! Sounds 👍. I take it you are not in the UK. different laws/rules I’m guessing.

CanadianGran Mon 20-Sep-21 23:11:00

We have had 3 dogs over the years, and the previous 2 were allowed up on the bed. I don't have an issue with it for sanitary or allergy issues, but I admit that they take up a lot of room for their size, and one of our dogs got a bit grumpy as she got older and would complain if we wanted her to move.

Our current 5 year old aussie shepherd has been trained to sleep on her own bed. She will jump up to say good morning, but that's about it.

I really think it is a personal preference. Does your friend object because they spend time at your house, or just think you are too close emotionally to your dog? I think pets are wonderful companions, and ours definitely is spoken to.

MayBee70 Mon 20-Sep-21 23:27:24

I’ve had dogs for over 40 years. None of my dogs has slept on my bed. I always preferred them to sleep in the kitchen which made it easier when they got old and incontinent etc. I also often had more than one dog back then so they had company. I also used to think it was best for dogs to know that they’re dogs. Till my latest dog that is. She’s been my world during the pandemic. Not sure if she realises she’s a dog. And she sleeps curled up to me. She’ll come in handy if we have power cuts this winter!

CafeAuLait Mon 20-Sep-21 23:56:02

My dog sleeps on my bed. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't mind their dog germs, they don't mind my human germs. I talk to them. They're very communicative and part of the family. If he ever gets old and incontinent, I will buy those dog diaper things for overnight and he will stay with me.

heath480 Tue 21-Sep-21 01:38:44

My dog sleeps on my bed,but not when I am in it! He chooses to sleep on the floor at night.But I would have no problem with him on the bed with me if he wanted to.He is my best friend.

Hetty58 Tue 21-Sep-21 03:05:15

My dog sleeps on (and sometimes in) the bed. It's not a problem. I shower in the morning so can't smell doggy - I hope!

Some people think that you have to put a dog in it's place or it will become dominant and a nuisance. I disagree. Training is useful, but it's fine to chat to them and allow them on the bed.

Rosycheeks Tue 21-Sep-21 06:00:10

I havent got a dog but my cat sleeps on our bed. I like it because I know he is in and safe.
Its your dog so you can do what ever you like. X

Whitewavemark2 Tue 21-Sep-21 06:13:28

Our dog chooses to sleep in his own bed in our bedroom. He is perfectly at liberty to jump onto the bed if he wishes but only stays for 10 minutes before jumping down into his own bed.

It is old fashioned to talk about dog dominance etc. It is now recognised that it is all about friendship with dogs. He sees the family as the unit of trust and loyalty. Your boundaries as well as his boundaries (respect your dogs doggy needs) must be set so we all get on but otherwise enjoy your friend as much as he enjoys your friendship.

rosie1959 Tue 21-Sep-21 06:14:03

It’s your dog OP do as you like you friend probably hasn’t experienced the joy and companionship of a dog

sodapop Tue 21-Sep-21 09:08:14


It’s your dog OP do as you like you friend probably hasn’t experienced the joy and companionship of a dog

Exactly right Rosie.
Our dogs like to sit on the bed during the day so they can see out of the window. I have throws on the bed which I remove at night. They sleep on their own bed all night then jump on me when it's time to get up. Enjoy your dog Neen

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 21-Sep-21 09:14:33

No, you’re not the only one. Enjoy the love and joy she gives you. I never understand people who say they should be treated like a dog. She’s your family and your friend and it’s right to treat her accordingly.

JaneJudge Tue 21-Sep-21 09:18:14

Ours sleeps downstairs at night but is found on various beds during the day. I'd take no notice of your friend, it's none of her business really

25Avalon Tue 21-Sep-21 09:21:57

I used to believe a dog was a dog and should be treated as such but I mellowed with my dear old lab, no longer with us, and my new lab is reaping the benefits. I still have a few set rules - no dogs on beds or furniture and no licking of my plate or the dishwasher. I’ll be buying birthday and Christmas presents next!

sodapop Tue 21-Sep-21 13:14:52

What ! No presents for your dog 25Avalon grin

25Avalon Tue 21-Sep-21 13:18:58

Only Christmas dinner and a bottle of doggie wine. I’ve gone soft!

PinkCakes Tue 21-Sep-21 15:37:21

I've always had cats, but I've always talked to them, let them sleep on my bed/settee/cushions.

Never mind what your friend or anyone else says, enjoy your little friend and carry on with what you're doing.

My little mate, Mr Cooper, is on the left, and the cat who used to live next door, is with him.

Audi10 Tue 21-Sep-21 15:42:58

The friend of yours quite frankly should keep her comments to herself! It’s not her dog, not her bed, not her business, you do what you want to do Neen she sounds a lovely dog, and brings you untold happiness I do wish people would keep their thoughts to themselves , 🙄

Audi10 Tue 21-Sep-21 15:46:44

We are a animal loving household and buy our pets Christmas presents, they are part of the family so are included , we don’t let them lick of plates though, they all have their own dishes, not allowed to lick ours

Blondiescot Tue 21-Sep-21 15:54:40

Completely agree with Audi10 - quite frankly, it's none of your friend's business where your dog sleeps. It sounds as you are more than happy with the current arrangement, so carry on enjoying it! Your house your dog, your bed - your choice!

MayBee70 Tue 21-Sep-21 23:53:02

Am having a bit of a grump on a sighthound Facebook page where people are laughing about the fact that they’re staying at a holiday property where dogs aren’t allowed upstairs but their dogs ‘don’t count’ so they’re showing pictures of them on the beds. Now that is wrong. It’s the same when people show pictures of their dogs running through fields full of crops and I try to point out that they’re destroying someone’s livelihood.

Granmarderby10 Tue 21-Sep-21 23:59:50

Yes I agree MayBee70 but try telling that to Theresa May 😉

MayBee70 Wed 22-Sep-21 00:27:29