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Would you go?

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grannyrebel7 Thu 21-Oct-21 09:31:41

I'm supposed to be going to the pub with three friends tonight, however it's seven months since my last vaccine. I've got my booster booked for 3 Nov. I can't decide whether to go or not now with all the news yesterday about rising cases.

Smileless2012 Thu 21-Oct-21 09:34:47

There's no point in going if you're going be anxious before, during and after grannyrebel.

Yes, I would go but you must do what you're most comfortable with.

Aveline Thu 21-Oct-21 09:37:05

I think I'd give it a miss. I always wear a mask in shops or places where there are lots of people in confined spaces. Actually I avoid confined spaces altogether really.
A pub could be full of people close together, talking loudly in order to be heard and possibly becoming slightly more disinhibited as the alcohol is consumed.
Your choice though. Good luck

Blondiescot Thu 21-Oct-21 09:42:31

You have to do what you feel is best for you - if you're not going to feel comfortable about going, then it's not worth the hassle. I personally wouldn't.

lemongrove Thu 21-Oct-21 09:42:35

There are pubs and there are bars! Big difference.People go to pubs for a meal out and a drink, bars are often packed with drinkers.

kircubbin2000 Thu 21-Oct-21 09:51:36

Pubs are full of drinkers too!

Doodledog Thu 21-Oct-21 09:51:40

These things are very personal, and depend on all sorts of things like your general health, your attitude to risk, the venue and so on.

I locked down hard (I have breathing difficulties), but am starting to venture out a bit now. In the past month I've been for lunch with friends twice (2 different friends on 2 separate occasions), have had people round to my house (three friends who are all double-vabbed and careful) and would have been going to a music gig tonight except that the person I was going with has pulled out because of illness.

In each case I weighed up the likely risk (which is, of course, unpredictable), the probability that the venue would have measures in place (easily checked) and balanced the thought of going out against the misery of being stuck indoors indefinitely.

So on balance, if I were you (which I'm not), if the friends are vaccinated and the venue has followed advice about safety, and if I felt utterly fed up with straying in (which I am), I wouldIt has to be y our call in the end, though.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 21-Oct-21 10:11:00

Personally I would go, (I am going out with friends tomorrow evening to a popular Italian restaurant which I know will be busy my booster is next week).

Hetty58 Thu 21-Oct-21 10:15:00

grannyrebel7, No - I wouldn't!

Hetty58 Thu 21-Oct-21 10:16:37

You can't wear a mask when eating or drinking - but you still have to breathe - all the air exhaled by others.

GagaJo Thu 21-Oct-21 10:20:56

No, I wouldn't go. I'm not ECV but have been quite careful. I only eat or drink out if I can do it outside.

I have other areas of my life I can't control (contact with DGS who is in nursery) so don't take risks when I am able to avoid them.

Zoejory Thu 21-Oct-21 10:22:57

I would go. But I'm not you! And you're obviously unsure so my advice would be not to go. There will be other outings smile

Teacheranne Thu 21-Oct-21 10:34:27

I have been going to sit indoors in pubs for meals for a while now, the places I’ve been have tended to be quiet and not too crowded. Although I was cautious during the lockdowns, I am comfortable mixing again in small groups.

I would not go to a crowded bar with folks standing close and shouting, nor to a theatre or cinema yet and won’t be doing any shopping at busy times. But I am ready to socialise again as I struggles a bit with low mood during the last lockdown.

The rising infection rates do bother me, I seem to know a lot of people who have recently had Covid although most of them have school aged children or grandchildren. I might not be as keen to go into pubs if the rates keep on rising so I am keeping an eye on our local figures.

BigBertha1 Thu 21-Oct-21 10:44:01

I would definitely go if I had 2 vaccinations been out for a while now but not to big venues.

Kim19 Thu 21-Oct-21 10:55:17

For me it depends on the venue. High ceilings with reasonable space are an absolute yes for me whereas I'm still avoiding the more compact with a cavernous style. So nice to be back socialising on a regular basis.

Yammy Thu 21-Oct-21 11:13:47

No, I would not go, my booster is the day before yours and the Covid police in my house are ultra-careful and on patrol, they do read all the up to date medical information.
Make a new date for when you feel more comfortable.

J52 Thu 21-Oct-21 11:43:15

I would go. I’ve been meeting friends in our village pub. We book a table ( one that we know is some distance from other drinkers) that is sanitised for us. We also request table service, which doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Callistemon Thu 21-Oct-21 11:58:17


I'd check case rates in your area - in some areas case numbers are rising at an alarming rate again.

We can't sit outside now in the evenings so if you don't feel comfortable about going then say you'd rather postpone but perhaps look forward to meeting them a couple of weeks after you've had your booster, depending on how the situation seems then.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 21-Oct-21 12:36:55

I don’t think I would go before the benefit of my third jab had kicked in but only you can decide. What sort of covid measures does the venue provide, will your friends be taking tests before meeting up, how are the case levels in the area? I’m cautious because I have asthma and cases are on the rise, albeit not very high where I live. And if you’re worried you won’t enjoy your evening very much.

MayBeMaw Thu 21-Oct-21 12:42:59

Only you will know if it is the sort of venue which will be heaving, where the majority of customers are younger and potentially likelier to spread the virus, what the Covid compliance is likely to be, and how much you are prepared to take any risk for the sake of a pleasant evening (and don’t underestimate that, we have been starved of a social life haven’t we?)
It depends on the rates in your area too but the fact that you are asking suggests you have your doubts. Do you know how your friends feel about it? They might be equally unsure and welcome an invitation to your house for a glass of wine and something light themselves.

PollyTickle Thu 21-Oct-21 13:09:53

I suppose most of us are torn.
Our hearts are telling us that we want to see our friends. To chat, to laugh out loud, to put the world to rights, to eat a meal we haven’t cooked ourselves, to look at four different walls
Then our head reminds us that Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, infection rates are rising, our jab efficacy is fading after six months. Spread is more likely in an indoor, heated, busy venue.
Tough decision, we’re all different.
What has always stood you personally in better stead, head or heart?

25Avalon Thu 21-Oct-21 13:15:16

No I wouldn’t go. Cases in our area have almost trebled over the past week probably due to a lot of people getting too complacent and the laboratory that gave the wrong test results. Javid warned last night if people weren’t more careful voluntarily and figures got worse then more restrictions may be imposed.

Amberone Thu 21-Oct-21 13:23:16

Depends whether Thursday night is a busy night where you live, too - where I am pubs are almost empty Monday to Thursday but very busy at weekends. Where I used to live in Wales years ago Thursday was a busy night. As others have said, so much depends on the venue.

If it looked like being a nice quiet night without lots of people I would go. But it's not worth it if you're going to be worrying for the next two weeks.

muse Thu 21-Oct-21 15:59:56

A hard decision as you’re at the end of your 6 months. I’m saying the same as many others. Hopefully you or your friends have been before to the pub to know if it’s normally quiet on a Thursday night.

My DH and I have been invited to his son’s house to celebrate a birthday on Sunday. There will be 10 people (3 families) there and it’s not a huge house. We’re having our boosters on Saturday.

I think we will be turning it down as my DH is still apprehensive and is currently doing 2x weekly visits to the surgery for dressing changes. DH is talking to his son tonight.

Norah Thu 21-Oct-21 16:13:24

No, I wouldn't go.