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Good Morning Thursday 2nd December 2021

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Michael12 Thu 02-Dec-21 05:57:13

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and looking wet outside and no doubt cold.
Today I will go to Bicester ,and get a little bit more xmas shopping out of the way , buying gift cards but not all in one go.
It will be interesting to see how busy the buses are as well .
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 02-Dec-21 06:05:56

Good moarning from a still dark and jolly cold [for us] East Kent.
We didn't have such a bad day yesterday, but it is a close thing. I can't wait to be shot of 2021.
DS called from India with mixed news. His operation was successful and he was home. He has to go back to Pune for a review today next week. HIs problem is that the surgeon : - 1. doesn't really want him to fly until the pins are out; 2. wants the pins out in 3 weeks, but that would be just abut during his trip here. I suggested that he should ask for special treatment [such as, leaving the pins in until he returns] as this trip isn't really on a whim but because he wasn't here for Philip's funeral etc., so really, really wants to be with his family...
Today, we've got a lot of shuffling around of cars, we both need it; me to visit my old friend, DH to go to his surgery for a blood test..
We have Philip's ex-girlfriend to dinner, tegether with DGS, who is very fond of her [as we are] who will also spend the night. Yay! something nice for a change...
So, so happy for allt hose with good news; big hugs for those with difficulties. Carpe diem flowers
[doing this on pc, so no emoticons...]

Scentia Thu 02-Dec-21 06:14:22

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it could be sunny outside, I haven’t looked yet😀
DH has an ECG today and some blood tests tomorrow, they have prescribed him some aspirin and a spray until they get a formal diagnosis but they do believe it to be angina. He is such a fit man but it is hereditary apparently so it was just a matter of time I suppose. Just a good job he is fit or it could be worse.
Nanna duties today so I am off to do some deliveries first then collect them from nursery and we are off to gymnastics class, I am shattered on a Thursday😂
Take care everyone and stay safe.❤️

Scentia Thu 02-Dec-21 06:16:19

Meant to post this as well this morning. Naughty Elf was helping decorate yesterday😂

Jaxjacky Thu 02-Dec-21 06:22:48

Good morning Mick, gM and those who follow, dark and chilly here in S Hants, but dry.
Sounds a better day for you gM enjoy!
I had a busy day on the voluntary phone line yesterday and have lifts to sort today for people. I have a drive to do for someone too.
Hopefully the boiler will be permanently fixed monk08…he said he’ll be here ‘about 12’, we’ll see.
The push for soop is doing well, for those inclined search for Gofundme and in the search box type soop.
Wishing you all a gentle Thursday, stay warm, hopefully a 🦩or 🦩🦩will come your way.

Beechnut Thu 02-Dec-21 06:34:51

Good Morning everyone from frosty and cold Severnside.

😂Scentia he’s good a good streak (or in this case scrape) in him sometimes.

I hope something can be worked out for your son Mattie. Is there a chance also he could have the pins out here.

Pleased to hear you’ve been in touch with EV Urms and she is well and enjoying her crumpets still. I’ll give her a wave 👋
As it is frosty I’m going to wait awhile and for it to melt before I go out and do an early weekly shop. I have to take the car for a service tomorrow and don’t want to rush shop before. I’m going to try and get some cord locally for my blind mending. I feel a bit exposed in the kitchen on these darks nights.

Have a good day or as best as you can all ❄️🦩

grandMattie Thu 02-Dec-21 06:39:40

Beech, I doubt it as he can only get from 18 December to 3 January off. Not many elective operations, especially for a nonresident would take place. I can’t see why an extra fortnight of pins would be harmful, but what do I know?
Scentia, Glad the doctors are taking your DH seriously.

grandMattie Thu 02-Dec-21 06:41:20

Oh yes. Thank you so much Urms for news of EV. Banned for life seems very harsh - she didn’t murder anyone did she? 😂 so why the life sentence?

Sar53 Thu 02-Dec-21 06:44:59

Good morning from a cold and dark Essex by the sea.
DH is going to London today to meet up with some of his old work colleagues. I will be doing the weekly shop.
I finally finished my second blanket yesterday, picture of the two of them attached. What to knit now I ask myself.
Have a lovely Thursday and stay safe everyone xx

baubles Thu 02-Dec-21 06:51:02

Good morning Mick, morning all from frosty South Lanarkshire.

I was woken at 4am by the sound of someone in tackety boots trundling a wheelie bin along the frosty pavement. At least that’s what it sounded like but as it isn’t bin day I can’t imagine why anyone would be doing that. Very strange.

Here’s hoping something can be worked out for your son Mattie.

This is our day with DS’s little ones, we pick them up from nursery at lunchtime. The four year old then has a gymnastics class after which our walk along the seafront always includes an ice cream, I’m wondering if at any point she will consider the weather to be too cold for a cone.

Wishing everyone a good day. 🦩🦩

Scentia Thu 02-Dec-21 06:52:58

baubles. I feel our days are running in parallel universes today😂😂

Jaxjacky Thu 02-Dec-21 06:59:06

Posts crossed Scentia pleased your DH has a diagnosis. Pretty blanket Sar, so clever.
I miss EV too, with her crumpets, news of Ruby and general doings. Thanks Urms.

Pantglas2 Thu 02-Dec-21 07:00:47

Morning all from a cold north Wales where the chamberpot ☕️ is being prepped and the heating has just come on so definitely stay in bed a little longer😊

Sorry to hear about your trials grandmattie you’ve had more than your share this year - it’s hard to stay cheerful sometimes but you always seem to 💐

Tough for Mr Scentia too with that diagnosis- Mr PG had same news 20 years ago and that was down to his dad - the hereditary factor can override fitness and healthy eating in some cases apparently🤦‍♀️

Lunch out with a friend at a new restaurant in Llandudno so some titivating will be necessary this morning- can’t let the side down!

Will pop back later and see what you’ve all been up to.....

kittylester Thu 02-Dec-21 07:09:45

Good morning all from a decidedly brisk North Leicestershire.

We have a busy day today. DS2 to ferry to and from the garage, DH has a hair appointment, I am getting some trousers altered so need to go the tailors (why do M&S trousers fit my hips but are about 4" too big round the waist?) we need a to find a light for the dining room, we have a Sainsbury's delivery and are going to watch Bertie play football. The match s in a village where there is a totally gf chip shop. Fish and chips tonight I think!!!

Sending best wishes to all.

cornergran Thu 02-Dec-21 07:24:42

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, cold, clear, corner of Somerset.

Yesterday went to plan, must remember some days do! Trying an NT walk today. This site is hilly, first time I’ll have been since the new knee. I’m sure it will be fine, Mr C has decided to worry about it. Oh well. One of us will be right grin.

Enjoy those fish and chips kitty. Sounds a better day ahead for you grandMattie, hope all works out for your son. How is your husband about his diagnosis scentia? I’m thinking it could have been a much worse diagnosis but guess it may not seem that way to him.

Take care everyone. Warm thoughts heading to those with heavy hearts. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 02-Dec-21 07:32:28

Good morning all from a dark East Yorkshire. It is zero degrees and I can tell even as I type this from my cosy bed.

Yesterday I went into the city centre. The only dent into my Christmas shopping were some books for the GC and a desk calendar for DS. He is a big football fan and it has a fact,question or quote for each day. I also stocked up on household bits.
Today I would like to go to a small market in a nearby village. I just hope it isn’t too icy underfoot as I have a short walk to the bus stop that gets me to it. I also might see DIL for coffee and then dgs is here after school.

I can well understand you being glad to see the back of 2021 GM
Good to hear news of EV but a lifetime ban? Really 😕

Take care all

Grandmajean Thu 02-Dec-21 07:38:33

Morning all from Cheshire
Mostly goodish news on the thread this morning. Hope your son gets his trip home sorted out GrandMattie
Soop's gofundme doing really well Jaxjacky Many thanks for helping organise.

Greyduster Thu 02-Dec-21 07:50:57

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a grey but dry South Yorkshire. DH has a hospital appointment this morning so we are about earlier than usual. And he has to do a covid test and take it with him, so he’s grumbling mightily about it all. I’m just trying to let it all wash over me while I enjoy my coffee. Have a good day folks.

BlueSapphire Thu 02-Dec-21 07:55:58

Good morning everyone from a clear Northampton, a light powdering of snow on the rooftops, and 0°C. Looks decidedly chilly.

The film 'Mothering Sunday' I saw yesterday passed an afternoon in an almost empty cinema, all a bit sad, but beautifully filmed. I enjoyed my red winewine and popcorn, and it was an afternoon out of the house. I wanted to see it, having read the book a few years ago. The only other films I fancy at the moment are unfortunately evening performances only, so won't be venturing out for those.

A Sainsbury's delivery this morning, then ballet class this afternoon; shall text the friend I usually go with to see if she feels up to it, as she has had a sore throat and cough this week.

Glad to hear news of EV, still enjoying her crumpets. Thoughts to all with worries and cares.

brook2704 Thu 02-Dec-21 07:56:46

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve had a light covering of snow overnight and it’s cold and frosty
Some very busy grans on here today - enjoy!
Let’s hope something can be sorted for your DS grandMattie fingers and toes crossed
I’m sat writing this on the train just now waiting for it to leave for London and then onto Cambridge to visit DD1. DH is with me too for this trip so that’s nice company. Ooh we’re just leaving and the buffet car is open so I’ll be in search of a coffee soon 😀
Hope today is kind to everyone and take care all 💐

Pittcity Thu 02-Dec-21 08:02:13

Good morning from a bright but very cold Colchester.
DH has just informed me that we are visiting his sister today. They are a family who make infrequent but spur of the moment arrangements. I am therefore at the ironing board early as I need something to wear and was planning to tackle the post holiday ironing today. There's always tomorrow!
Lots of love 🦩x

Grandmabatty Thu 02-Dec-21 08:16:09

Good morning all from Polmont. It's a chilly start at -1° and clear skies just turning blue. I had a post already done and my phone froze and wouldn't send it so hopefully I can remember the gist of it.
Brooke enjoy your visit to Cambridge and family. Grandmattie I hope something can be sorted out for your son. Scentia a diagnosis at least means suitable treatment. I hope your dh can reconcile with that.
Yesterday I had a lovely couple of hours with friends who came for afternoon tea. My friend recently lost his partner and is feeling very low. It was his birthday yesterday so I had a little card and gift and the other pal bought a cake. I had also visited M&S and bought mini Colin caterpillar cakes, macarons and mini mince pies. I made dainty sandwiches, sausage rolls and scones. So we had plenty of food! It was nice to see them. It was the first time that my other pal had seen my house and she thought it was lovely. I do too.
Today I'm visiting my dd and the boys for a coffee at her invitation. Much as I used to be knackered looking after the boy wonder two days a week, I really miss him about the house, creating chaos. 😂 Anyway that's my plan for this morning. I'm going to make the Christmas soup and freeze it this afternoon so that's one less task. Whatever you are up to, have a good day all.

Ashcombe Thu 02-Dec-21 08:23:07

Good morning, all, from an unusually chilly but dry Torbay.

I do hope your DS can travel over as planned, grandMattie - such visits are so precious, even with the quarantine restrictions. Seeing your visitors tonight will be uplifting, I’m sure.

Scentia: I was diagnosed with stable angina (I blame the horses and donkey DH used to have!) by a cardiologist just before the pandemic; I hope your DH's long term treatment can be sorted out soon.

Those blankets look cosy and colourful Sar53. I often use a blanket round my legs in the evening. (Well, the Queen has been using one when travelling for years….!)

That sounds like a long journey, brook2704, but the best way to travel, in my view. Enjoy your trip!

What a delicious feast you prepared for your friends, Grandmabatty!

Stay safe and well, everyone, whatever happens. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Anniebach Thu 02-Dec-21 08:39:27

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

GrannySomerset Thu 02-Dec-21 08:41:12

Am waiting for someone to collect DH’s hospital bed and other bits and pieces - any time after 8.00 am, so am earlier than usual. Bet he doesn’t come till tea time!

Very cold this morning but am determined to deal with the various files cluttering up the kitchen so that I can put them away. Still getting my head round the finances and funding DH’s nursing home to which he has taken a strong dislike but which he will have to come to terms with. Nobody said it would be easy and it isn’t.