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Warner Leisure Hotels - Heythrop Park

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ShropshireMiss Fri 27-May-22 12:20:30

Has anyone stayed at the new Warner Hotel Heythrop Park in the Cotswolds? I’d be going there by myself. I was thinking of trying the long weekend three night stay. Would you recommend or not?

Catterygirl Fri 27-May-22 14:49:25

I was looking to book yesterday but think they aren’t open yet.

ShropshireMiss Fri 27-May-22 14:54:39

Hopefully they will open soon. I had seen photos on their website and it looked ver nice, but had realised it wasn’t already open. Have seen adverts for it on TV saying it is their new hotel. I normally go to Wales but am thinking that it might be a nice change to go to the Cotswolds instead.

ShropshireMiss Fri 27-May-22 14:54:56


FannyCornforth Fri 27-May-22 14:58:51

Have you been to a Warners previously Miss?

granfromafar Fri 27-May-22 15:05:20

Bookings start from 2nd September according to the website. Looks lovely but a bit over-priced compared to other Warmers hotels. Let us know what it's like if you go.

ShropshireMiss Fri 27-May-22 15:12:25

Thanks. No I haven’t been to one so far. I was thinking of booking for the one just outside St Asaph in north Wales, then saw the adverts on TV for Heythrop Park, and thought the Cotswolds would be nice.

Sarahmob Fri 27-May-22 16:24:20

We’ve had a couple of stays at Warners resorts and love them. You have the freedom to participate in as many of the communal activities as you want (or not). The evening entertainment is usually ok - very good. The food is generally good although when we did a twixmas break in 2021 they were having issues with supplies so not everything on the menu was available. We’ve booked to go for seven nights this autumn to Cricket St Thomas and I’m really looking forward to it.

PinkCosmos Fri 27-May-22 16:32:44


Thanks. No I haven’t been to one so far. I was thinking of booking for the one just outside St Asaph in north Wales, then saw the adverts on TV for Heythrop Park, and thought the Cotswolds would be nice.

We have stayed at Alveston Hall, the one near Nantwich. According to all reports, it is the nicest one they have. We liked it but we were lucky enough to have a suite.

It was about a mile and half to walk into Nantwich town - depending on how fit you are.

We went when there were still Covid restrictions. We had the same table all week in the dining room which was also the cabaret room, so you stayed there (if you wanted to) after dinner. I am not sure if this was just because of Covid but I doubt it as it was a good system. This meant that you are not moving from a dining room to a cabaret room and scrabbling about for a seat.

We have also stayed at Bodelwyddan Castle, near St Asaph. They had a separate dining and cabaret room. It was sometimes hard to get a seat in the cabaret room in the evening. The room we had was lovely and there were large gardens to walk around.

B9exchange Fri 27-May-22 16:39:50

I have attended several conferences at Heythrop before it was taken over by Crowne Plaza, they built a rather characterless extension to increase the already large number of bedrooms. The long, lawned drive and approach to the house is really impressive, the Hall itself has a large gallery running all round the entrance hall, it can be a really long walk to some of the bedrooms. When I attended it had a state of the art conference room with each seat having its own individual microphone, I imagine that has all gone and been converted into a theatre.

I'm tempted to try it, but I have always loathed holiday camps, and have never been to a Warners Adult one, are they really better?

Callistemon21 Fri 27-May-22 16:45:22

B9exchange as I suspected from seeing the advert on TV last night.

The question I was going to ask was:
Have they installed walking pavements along the corridors because the place looks huge.

Staying at such a huge hotel could cause difficulties for some older people even if they do not need walking aids.

larry5 Fri 27-May-22 17:01:54

We have been on 3 Warner holidays. We stayed in a chalet at Norton Grange in September 2019 and it was a walk in the open to the main building but it was worth the walk as the terrace bar had a spectacular view of the Solent. During 2020 we went to Cricket St Thomas which was lovely apart from the distance you had to walk from the farthest bedrooms and then last November we went to Holme Lacey in November which was lovely and we chose a room the furthest from the reception but nearer the theatre because it was very quiet and I made use of the corridors to go for walks when my fit bit reminded me to. There was a very interesting tour of the grounds by the head gardener.

This summer we are going to Gunton Hall for a holiday paid for by our children as it was somewhere I stayed when I was a child. My sister stayed there about four years ago and really enjoyed her time there. As you can tell we like our Warner holidays.

granfromafar Sun 29-May-22 15:58:16

Have been to 10 different Warners over the past 12 years, sometimes with friends or as a larger group (ex-colleagues). All are of a good standard, but our favourites are Bembridge (IOW), Thursford, Alveston Hall and Cricket St Thomas. Some have better swimming pools than others. Food and entertainment always of a high standard. Don't mind the occasional longish walk from rooms as it helps burn off the excess calories! Can always request a room in main block if required. Some places seem to get more guests with mobility scooters than others! Not at all like a holiday camp in my opinion. We always go out and about during the day to explore the local area and just watch the entertainment.
Staff are always lovely and helpful, even when newly reopened last summer when there were staff shortages. Some places still not fully staffed as they used to have quite a few waiting staff from Europe who have now returned home. Would recommend highly.

granfromafar Sun 29-May-22 15:59:15

Meant to read just watch evening entertainment.

ShropshireMiss Sun 29-May-22 16:38:14

Thanks for all the information. If you are there by yourself, do you get seated for meals by yourself, or with other people who are there by themselves, or with couples, groups that?

granfromafar Sun 29-May-22 17:19:38

I think you would be seated by yourself initially as each table is separate, though often quite close to the next table so easy to strike up conversation if you wish. You may be able to request a table-share if required. Just phone the hotel directly and ask when you book.

Michael12 Tue 31-May-22 08:31:04

I gather it is open as its only 20 or so miles away with 3 bus journeys tempted to go there .
You are in 4x4 domain of the Chippy set , Jeremy Clarkson as a farm shop in Charlbury ,and the Beckham's live close by , its between Chipping Norton and Enstone off A44 , there is also a zoo close by run by the Chipperfield Family , if its anything to go by it might be contactless service only , like Studley Castle.

cornergran Tue 31-May-22 08:42:28

It opens in September, mick. Not sure now but last year Warners weren’t allowing day visitors.

We’ve enjoyed a few breaks at Warner hotels. I did notice one or two people sitting alone shropshiremiss. Tables are allocated in advance by each hotel with the opportunity to make changes on arrival. If you’ve a specific hotel in mind perhaps call them and ask their policy? With the exception of one break we’ve found the food to be a reasonable standard if a little short on vegetables.

Michael12 Tue 31-May-22 09:39:10

My favourite Warners is Nidd Hall , just north of Harrogate , it is noted for its floral displays , and the grounds have a lake , plus exercise machines as you walk around.
A separate dining area , and the main bar and entertainment area is above the restaurant.
Also stayed at Norton Grange ,and Studley Castle all have views from the main drinking areas . Studley Castle ,dining wise once in allocated seats , you stay there as the stage is also there so after evening meal , the entertainment starts after last orders for meals.