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The plane is waiting but I have to hoover, dust and clean ! WHY ???

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Serendipity22 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:34:03

Right, so my question this morning has been a puzzle to me for years.

We go on our holidays the following day but almost burn ourselves out ( well I do ) by cleaning , washing, hoovering the house the day before !!!!


This morning I have hoovered, whipped a COBWEB from a corner that I have seen a fortnight ago ( but felt a great need to get it today !!!) Washed things that didn't REALLY need washing, taken an old toothbrush to sink taps, bath taps, kitchen taps !!! WHY ????

I mean seriously! Why is it soooooo necessary to clean TAPS before I jump on a plane to whisk me off to a place called BLISS.

Don't get it, never have and never will...


FannyCornforth Thu 30-Jun-22 10:35:46

I don’t know Serendipity, but I’d love to know where you are off to! smile

Bellanonna Thu 30-Jun-22 10:38:54

Serendipity, perhaps you’re afraid that burglars will break in and feel shocked if you don’t leave the place sparkling.

I guess, though, you just like to come back, probably tired from the journey and your cleaned home will be a joy to get back to.

Have a great holiday. I don’t share your zeal.

GagaJo Thu 30-Jun-22 10:40:07

A friend mentioned doing this to me many years ago. And I started doing it too, after she said it.

It's because I hate coming home to a dirty/untidy house. I want to walk in to a lovely clean home. It stresses me to walk into mess/dirt.

I also hate people that start unpacking downstairs. Take the case to your room and unpack there! Keep the place tidy.

BigBertha1 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:42:22

Exactly its so that when you come home the lovely relaxed holiday feeling is not ruined by coming in to a messy house that needs cleaning. I always do it all before going away.

Grannybags Thu 30-Jun-22 10:46:29

I do it too. It's lovely to come home to a nice clean house and think "it's quite nice here isn't it!"

AGAA4 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:47:02

My MiL always scrubbed,cleaned and washed on NYE so the house would be pristine for the new year.

Blossoming Thu 30-Jun-22 10:50:13

I do it so that the house is clean and tidy on our return. Then it’s only the unpacking and laundry to do.

RichmondPark Thu 30-Jun-22 10:53:57

Me too. I'm the same at Christmas. It's as though Santa won't call if I've not vacuumed under beds and washed behind the fridge.

Serendipity22 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:56:04

Well firstly THANK YOU for replies, it seems to me I am just CRACKERS haaaaaa.

Fanny I am off to see my son in Canada and I HAVE MY 2 75ml OF MAGICOOL with me and alllllll thoughts will be on you because it was you who gave me good feedback on it.....

I had to laugh at your post Bellanonna about the burglars..... despite finding it funny, IT BETTER NOT HAPPEN!!!

Thanks again for posts, it still a puzzle and being a gal who likes to know WHY A,B and C takes place, THIS 1 is gyrating on me ..


Smileless2012 Thu 30-Jun-22 10:57:52

I'm glad it's not just me. Yes that's why we do it, so we come home to a lovely clean and tidy house. Have a great holiday Serendipity.

Galaxy Thu 30-Jun-22 10:57:58

My house is spotless on Chrustmas Day. I then proceed to do nothing for about a week and just sit amongst the debris.

Shinamae Thu 30-Jun-22 11:02:20

My house is never spotless 😳😬

Yammy Thu 30-Jun-22 11:07:42

I do it too and have started taking a black plastic bag for all our dirty washing so it can go straight in the basket to be sorted when we get back, I'm turning into my mother.hmm

rosie1959 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:07:50

Same here cleaned washed ironed mowed lawn yesterday now packing and checking lists. As usual packed too much thankfully ferry not airplane so no weight limit.
Just about done so about ready for our yearly pilgrimage for a fortnight in Jersey

Serendipity22 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:13:15

Ohhhh phewwwwww..... I'm not on my own... but I am left still with the question WHY ?? Im like a dog with bone.....

Thank you again.... 😊

Serendipity22 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:19:35

Mr Google says -

Maggiemaybe Thu 30-Jun-22 11:36:37

I do it more for the lovely neighbour who takes our parcels and post in, and the milk on the day we come back. Her house is immaculate and I like to keep up the pretence that ours is at least half decent. smile

toscalily Thu 30-Jun-22 11:39:08

Well if your crackers Serendipity22 so am I. grin

CatCrone Thu 30-Jun-22 11:39:37

I have always done this - mainly because if I don’t return from the holiday whoever has to deal with the house etc won’t think I didn’t keep my home clean and tidy. Not sure what this says about my thought processes!

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:40:08


I don't know but I do too (or used to, not so much now). It's better than coming back to a mess.

Do you remember Kim of Kim and Aggie fame? I remember her saying that when she was going away, she "hoovered herself out of the door" 😁

Have a relaxing time.

Jalyn Thu 30-Jun-22 11:40:20

Another one here who cleans, changes beds etc before going on holiday so that we return to a clean home. There is also the dark thought at the back of my mind that if we fail to return, (think plane crash) then whomever has to sort everything won't have an untidy or unclean house to cope with. I feel ridiculous just writing this blush

Callistemon21 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:42:25

Not ridiculous at all Jalyn🙂

toscalily Thu 30-Jun-22 11:43:55

I also take a plastic bag away with me to put dirty washing in, shoes in shoe bags as I don't like the idea of the them touching other things.

Serendipity22 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:54:29


Well if your crackers Serendipity22 so am I. grin

2 crack pots hahahahaha