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Smart Meter suddenly not working

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Bea65 Sun 02-Oct-22 14:19:40

Hi GNs, has anyone else discovered their Smart Meters not working.I've had mine plugged in since yesterday and its still blank..tried to contact energy supplier answer..

Aldom Sun 02-Oct-22 14:25:10

Occasionally my Smart meter display stops working. Eventually it restarts of its own accord. Don't worry while the display is off because the actual meter is still sending your readings to the supplier.

Georgesgran Sun 02-Oct-22 14:52:14

Mine stops quite often. As it’s naughty, I hide it away in the garage, but not in the best position. I’m with Octopus and their App can show how much energy I used yesterday, the day before, that week, month or year. It’s quite impressive.

LizzieDrip Sun 02-Oct-22 15:15:38

As others have said, it’s not a problem that the display on the smart monitor disappears. Mine tends to disappear when they change the unit cost. It does sort itself out and comes back eventually. The little smart monitor that you have plugged in is not the meter - it’s just an easy access display of the information the actual meter is sending. The smart meter itself will be with you ‘old’ gas / electricity meters (that’s where mine is). So, the information regarding your usage will still be going to your energy company. I’m with British Gas and can view my daily usage via their app and also on my account, so I can still keep track even when the smart monitor plays tricks!

Daisychain Sun 02-Oct-22 17:34:17

is smart meter worth the bother ?

Georgesgran Sun 02-Oct-22 18:00:07

I was very sceptical at first, which is why said meter’s in the garage, but I find it quite useful. Recently, my total energy use has been about £3 per day - £90 for the month, so I know my monthly direct debit of £150 is going to more than cover it.

Beautful Sun 02-Oct-22 18:03:59

Please don't think I am being funny or nasty ... but have you turned it on at the back ! I was getting annoyed with mine ... looked at the back ... must have knocked it off accidently ... worth looking

Scotsmum Sun 02-Oct-22 19:16:53

Our smart meter has not been working for most of this year; the display went blank and after too many phone calls to count, last week an engineer finally arrived. He got to work testing and investigating.

Nothing wrong with the display he said, it's the main supply meter that's screwed; you'll have to get a new one.

I laughed, while my husband looked a bit awkward. It is a new supply meter that we have in situ.

The original 90 yr old one which had always worked perfectly had to be removed about 18 months ago because the smart meter that my husband was determined to have (to get the best deals, you understand) could not be fitted to an antique. It involved many days work by different gangs and lots of noisy digging up paths etc for it to be installed.

All seemed good. Husband happy.

And then the little readout display went blank.

Nobody has been able to take a reading for quite some time. Dreading an actual one being done. Wish us luck.

Chrissielou Sun 02-Oct-22 19:48:20

We had one fitted, engineer returned as it wasn't working. Turns out the signal isn't strong enough where we live so it doesn't work!

Ashcombe Sun 02-Oct-22 20:06:22


is smart meter worth the bother ?

I would say it is, if the signal is strong enough to reach the monitor. After having mine fitted, my energy company still insisted on deciding on my monthly Direct Debit amount, claiming they were helping me to budget for the more expensive Winter months. I phoned and told them that the whole point of a smart meter was that both they and I knew exactly how much I was using and that I'm well able to budget for the higher bills. They capitulated and they now DD my account for what I've actually used each month.

Esspee Mon 03-Oct-22 06:41:29

I love my smart meter Daiaychain. For the first time I know which appliances are gobbling power so can control my bills better.
On the downside my OH has become obsessed with doing without the central heating for as long as possible. He WILL be overruled.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 03-Oct-22 06:45:17

Mine stopped working for a couple of days but started up again. The meter carried on working.

If I go onto the Ovo website I can see the daily, monthly and yearly usage and costs.

Bea65 Mon 03-Oct-22 09:30:35

Beautful ..Thank you..I never realised there was a reset button similar to router on the back...have booked an eye test! All working now and its telling me that I currently spend 2 pounds a day on electric...but, my gas meter was never linked as the gas meter box was installed deep in ground and gets water-logged..the engineer told me pre-Covid, that this needs changing...of course, i've followed up on this and still no new gas meter box...I do agree with having a smart meter so I don't get a fright when they download the bill!

Ali08 Mon 03-Oct-22 14:24:58

My smart meter is called 'him indoors' and works very well. I allow him to eat and drink, and mainly do whatever he wants, and he keeps a good eye on what is happening with the electricity and gas etc!!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 03-Oct-22 15:58:26

About a month after my smart meter was fitted, I got a phone call to ask how it was - it was fine - they should have waited a bit longer before asking for feedback.

It hasn't displayed the details properly for a while now and I've given up trying to get any sense out of the company. It still sends the figures to them, so it'll have to suffice.

When I rang up, I got the usual useless guff about switching it off and on again which does nothing or try to move it nearer to the meter - if I did that, I'd have to make a hole in the wall which I suggested as a joke. They didn't get it.

Beautful Mon 03-Oct-22 17:41:54

Bea65 ... glad I was a little bit of help! smile

SachaMac Mon 03-Oct-22 18:07:25

I’m beginning to wish mine wasn’t working tbh. It’s stressing me out every time I pass it. Yesterday I went into the red for the first time ever, no heating on, just normal (quite low) use of usual appliances, no tumble drier either as I pegged the washing out. It went over £8, it’s already over £5 for today, scary!!