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Hair products, has anyone tried this?

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Abitbarmy Sat 17-Dec-22 15:58:44

I know we’ve had threads about thinning hair before but I’m wondering if anyone has used a certain brand that keeps cropping up on my Facebook page lately. It seems to promise wondrous things for hair like mine, thinning and very fine. I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention the name and I don’t want to be seen as promoting it, but the reviews on Fb are glowing. Maybe they’re all fake, I don’t know. It’s called Champo.

YorkLady Sat 17-Dec-22 16:09:19

Due to illness and medication, my already fine hair began to drop out. I decided to try it and have been using the shampoo, conditioner and serum for around 6 months.. I have seen a remarkable improvement. I must also add that I was low in iron and was taking increased doses for the first two months.
It’s expensive but I don’t think I will ever use anything else.

Abitbarmy Sat 17-Dec-22 16:16:57

That’s interesting YorkLady. I’ve started taking collagen as suggested by my hairdresser. That’s not cheap either. I don’t mind having wrinkles or an expanded waistline, but please let me keep my hair! I might give this stuff a go, I’ll try almost anything. I’m not far from York if we ever have a grans meet-up btw.

Shel69 Sat 17-Dec-22 18:36:16

I use plantur 39 I found I don't have as much hair in my brush as before

Floradora9 Sat 17-Dec-22 21:46:46

I just look at Prince William and think if money could stop your hair falling out he would have had the solution.

Abitbarmy Sat 17-Dec-22 22:19:05

Good point Flora

veejay Sat 17-Dec-22 22:49:21

YorkLady Have you noticed any improvement in actual thickness? actual new hair growth? Or just looking thicker?
I have the same problem of thinning hair but I have very sparse areas.which are noticeable ,only at the back.
To look from the front my hair looks quite thick.
No one would have any idea it is so much thinner,from the crown down

YorkLady Sun 18-Dec-22 07:03:11

I have always had fine hair but after being ill, you could see my scalp in several places. My hair was shedding constantly and I was considering getting a wig!
Using Champo definitely helped with the appearance from the first few uses. After about 8 weeks I saw re-growth. Hair of around 1-2 inches sprouting around my parting and at the front of my hair ( I don’t have a fringe)
The texture and appearance has improved and I am really pleased.
Also, I no longer wash my hair daily. I use this system twice a week and use a good dry shampoo in between, if necessary.

AnnS1 Sun 18-Dec-22 07:15:56

Neem shampoo from the neem team is very good.