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M&Co: Renfrewshire clothing chain to close all 170 stores

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M0nica Mon 06-Feb-23 19:15:41

What more can one say ? I will miss it. I have bought lovely and good quality clothes from them for years.

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Feb-23 19:26:01

Me too.

I'm sorry to see them go, we don't have large stores locally but M&Co was always a reliable source of reasonably priced clothes.

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 19:29:08

Nooo, our High Street has lost Bon Marché last year, and now M&Co!!!

Auntieflo Mon 06-Feb-23 19:34:22

M&Co in our town will go and apart from Edinburgh Woollen Mill, that does cater for men, as well as women, we will have no clothing shops for women.

Grannmarie Mon 06-Feb-23 19:37:51

Sorry to see them go, I've shopped with them since the days of Mackays, when they had soft furnishings as well.
We've still got Bo'ness Marche and Peacocks, not quite the same .

Grannmarie Mon 06-Feb-23 19:38:36

Bon Marche....

PaperMonster Mon 06-Feb-23 19:51:20

Ours has had a closing down sale since Christmas. Only bought items in the sale tbh as they were expensive for what they were.

Oreo Mon 06-Feb-23 20:48:09

I’ve never found anything in M&Co that I’d want to buy, so not a loss for me, but feel sorry for those shop assistants tho.

25Avalon Mon 06-Feb-23 21:49:09

Not just clothes but linens, bedding, and also very nice children’s clothes.

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 21:52:41

I bought a long padded Gilet just before Christmas, which I wear all the time.

paddyann54 Mon 06-Feb-23 22:00:19

M and Co started life in Alexandria next to the railway sttion.It was my go to place for ecru tights on the way to school.Two of my sisters worked in the original store ,so I can confidently say its West Dunbartonshire born,though they moved their head office to Paisley late 70'searly 80's.

Sorry to see it close I had a lot of friends who worked for the McKays over the years

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Feb-23 22:02:30

M&Co started selling other makes besides their own.

We've lost so many reasonably priced shops which sold good, casual clothes for older women.
Country Casuals, East, even BHS sold some decent clothes which lasted.

It all seems to be more expensive clothes or cheap throwaway rubbish now.
M&S seems to offer far too much now but nothing I like!

sodapop Mon 06-Feb-23 22:08:36

I liked M & Co as well for every day stuff. Often shopped there when I visited UK.
Next sell their clothing on line so don't know if if that will continue.

Grannmarie Mon 06-Feb-23 22:11:11

Oh, Paddyann, I remember ecru tights! I got mine in a wee draper's shop near us. I remember magazine photos of Twiggy wearing ecru tights.

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Feb-23 22:12:51

I hadn't realised they sold Penny Plain clothes online.
Perhaps another firm bought the name because I thought Penny Plain had disappeared.

Shinamae Mon 06-Feb-23 22:16:29

We lost them in North Devon about two years ago, but we still have bon Marche..

M0nica Mon 06-Feb-23 22:44:05

But all 'rescue' companies do is buy the name and then use it strategically to badge their own designs and they control the manufacture.

Itis not the same as going in to Next and buying, say, M&Co clothes, designed and made by M&Co, a separate business, and putting them in their stores.

It is more fakery and deception.