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Fairly pointless signage

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Lizbethann55 Thu 23-Mar-23 12:55:59

At the side of the very long run on road from the A580 to the motorway is a sign that says " street lights not in operation" ( or similar). It always strikes me as being totally pointless. If it is daylight, it is irrelevant. If it is dark, it is obvious. It is made even more pointless because there aren't actually any street lights there anyway!
What other pointless signs amuse / intrigue/ confuse you?

Greenfinch Thu 23-Mar-23 13:52:31

We have a bus stop outside our house even though there have been no buses using it for 22 years. A few years ago we saw someone waiting there but we received a mouthful of abuse when we explained. Admittedly there is no timetable but there is a place for one to go .

eddiecat78 Thu 23-Mar-23 15:03:26

"there is no cash left in this van".
If I was a thief would I believe the van owner? If I did leave cash in my van would I put a sign up advertising the fact?

Theexwife Thu 23-Mar-23 15:14:48

Maybe the sign is to stop people reporting that he lights are not working and to warn those that were going to walk along that road.

Lizbethann55 Thu 23-Mar-23 18:00:11

The ex wife, there aren't any lights. And it is a motorway slip road so no pedestrians or bikes.

Fleurpepper Thu 23-Mar-23 18:03:38

Heavy Plant crossing - is my favourite!

Theexwife Thu 23-Mar-23 18:33:45

Sorry I didn’t read your post properly. How odd.