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nanaej Tue 29-May-12 21:09:08

Thank you so much for the prize of three sets of Carddies. They were used this afternoon and were a huge success! See photo on my profile!

glassortwo Tue 29-May-12 21:13:16

nanaej I cant access your profile its needs to be blue, confused is it blue for anyone else?

jeni Tue 29-May-12 21:15:44


nanaej Tue 29-May-12 21:25:28

Oh! I will try to turn blue! Any tips?

nanaej Tue 29-May-12 21:28:56

Hopefully I have turned blue.. did not realise I was not!

glassortwo Tue 29-May-12 22:05:55

nanaej we can see you now, lovely photos. smile

nanaej Wed 30-May-12 09:00:23

Phew..glad I got it to work! Thanks glass

effblinder Wed 30-May-12 11:20:22

Lovely photos, nanaej! You're so glam.

Lucky gc having new toys...

crimson Wed 30-May-12 12:13:12

nanaej; just being nosy and looking at your profile to view cardies; re you like Amadou and Mariam? And, re films I assume you saw the Skin I Live In. Pan's Labyrinth is possibly my favourite film of all time.

nanaej Wed 30-May-12 12:59:34

crimson Yes..loved Pan's Labyrinth, I think it was a very interesting view of that time in Spain's history and did you see The Devil's Backbone?

Skin I Live In was great! The comic/tragic scene of the guy in his leopard costume assaulting the hero /heroine will stick for a while!
Mariam is a fave but not sure if I do know Amadou..will research!

crimson Wed 30-May-12 13:11:07

They are the blind couple from Mali; I first saw them on the telly coverage of Glastonbury...not into 'world music' as such, but their music is joyous and infectious...check them out on utube [can't cut and paste, I'm afraid!]. Mark Kermode reckoned it was better to see the Devils Backbone before Pan's Labyrinth, but I'm glad I saw them the other way round..the finished product before the embryo I felt. Guillermos' films seem to have taken a downslide since, though. I caught Cronos on telly late one night, though, and it scared me witless. Similar to The Devils Backbone [not sure who directed] is Spirit of the Beehive, which I bought years ago and never got round to watching [think it's about the Spanish Civil War?]. I haven't seen any more Amlodovar [sp?] films; did he make Volver? I have that on [blast from the past] video. Took myself to the cinema to see TSILI by myself, knowing that the S.O. is a bit squeamish and loved it! I understand the new Springsteen is very good, but haven't heard it yet. Apologies; I'm putting off my 'day off' housework....

nanaej Wed 30-May-12 13:18:37

ha ha! me too re housework /chores/ job hunting!

Am off to see Springsteen in July in Hyde Park . Think I have probably seen all of Almodovar's films!
Cronos is v scary! we have the set of films on DVD.

Spirit of the Beehive is another good many out there!

I also like 'world 'movies...Cous Cous in particular is worth looking out for.