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Filling in competition details

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quizqueen Sat 23-Jan-16 14:34:39

It's really annoying and time consuming having to fill in your name and address for every competition entered on this site. You have to be logged in to enter them so contact details should be able to be filled in automatically after the question has been answered. It happens on other sites.

Elegran Sat 23-Jan-16 15:23:10

Your browser may have a setting for completing forms.

tanith Sat 23-Jan-16 15:55:58

Elegran is right its within your power to change the settings to Autofill.. mine does makes it very easy.

kittylester Sat 23-Jan-16 16:04:49

I use autofill too!

sherish Sat 23-Jan-16 16:19:16

Me too. It's much easier.

shysal Sat 23-Jan-16 16:42:10

The only site on which autofill doesn't work for me is GN! Even filling in the Email address doesn't bring up the keyboard with @ and .com keys on the first page of my tablet.

Maggiemaybe Sat 23-Jan-16 23:29:15

Autofill works for me on GN.

POGS Sun 24-Jan-16 10:38:37

What , how, when ,where is autofill?

Out of pure interest quizqueen do you ever browse the threads or just do the competitions? I wish to point out I am not asking that question with any thought of sarcasm as you have absolutely every right to do so, that is not my why I am asking honestly.. I just wondered if there are a heck of a lot of what is commonly called 'lurkers' who feel uncomfortable to maybe post on the threads but sometimes feel they would like to.

Maggiemaybe Sun 24-Jan-16 18:42:18

If you have Autofill set up and enabled on your browser settings, POGS, it'll give you the option of filling in your details for you automatically every time you start to complete online forms, including Gransnet competition forms. It's a good time saver. Your details can be full name, address, email address, telephone number etc, depending on what information you set it up with at the start.

How to set it up will depend on your browser. It'll be through the Settings procedure. If you use Google Chrome, you click on Customize and Control Google Chrome at the far right of your toolbar. Select Settings, go right down to Advanced Settings, then down under Passwords and Forms, tick Enable Autofill.

lionpops Thu 25-Feb-16 06:50:06

I admit to having the same problem having to fill in the form.I have auto fill enabled and it works for other sites .I therefore sympathise with other posters with the same problem. What this issue had to do with 'lurkers' is beyond me and comments such as this is probably why members do not post on the forums.

IkeHicks Sat 24-Jun-17 10:39:59

Yup autofills are much easier.