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Anatomy of a Scandal

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mrsmopp Sun 31-Dec-17 20:24:04

I was notified mid December that I had won this, but still not received it yet. It's an E book for my Kindle.
Am I the only one?

Bathsheba Sun 31-Dec-17 22:58:49

I didn't even realise that ebooks could be bought for/given to anyone's account other than your own, so I wonder how this was meant to work?

Bathsheba Sun 31-Dec-17 23:01:18

I've just had a look at this book on Amazon, and it hasn't been released yet; it can only be pre-ordered. Release date is 11th January, so no doubt you'll get it then or shortly after.

Pittcity Mon 01-Jan-18 09:43:21

The winners are sent a pre publication file after promising not to share it.

Pittcity Mon 01-Jan-18 09:45:12

Did you reply to the email mrsmopp? If you did I expect they will answer tomorrow.

Purpledaffodil Mon 01-Jan-18 09:58:51

Even though it is not due for publication yet, they are sending out print copies, I received and read mine before Christmas ! So I don’t think that is the issue. Will be worth waiting for, I really enjoyed it.

Gagagran Mon 01-Jan-18 10:51:16

I got one too and am enjoying reading it. It's a very believable story.