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Big summer giveaway!

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 03-Jul-19 15:37:59

Hi all,

If you haven't already seen, we're running a summer competition series this week with loads of fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Today you could win a Bettys gift box full of treats. Find out how to enter here. Good luck! grin

Grannyknot Wed 03-Jul-19 16:59:00

Yay! sunshine smile

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 04-Jul-19 09:56:26

The prize today is two White Hot Hair sets - together worth over £100! You can enter the giveaway here: grin

glammanana Fri 05-Jul-19 09:18:02

Summer on Gransnet brillient.

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 05-Jul-19 11:14:52

Morning! The prize today is a board game bundle worth over £100 - perfect for keeping the family entertained. smile

Find out more and enter here:

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 06-Jul-19 09:37:55

Our prize today is a stunning dress from Bombshell worth nearly £200. Good luck! grin

Enter here:

JessK Sat 06-Jul-19 09:42:33

Wow love the dress in todays giveaway

Charleygirl5 Sat 06-Jul-19 10:07:14

You are welcome, I do not like it!

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Sun 07-Jul-19 09:42:45

It's the last day of our Big Summer Giveaway, and today you could win a Hubert Animal Ride On from Little Bird Told Me - perfect for grandchildren! smile

Enter here:

janeainsworth Sun 07-Jul-19 17:48:06

charleygirl you don’t know what you’re missing! I love Bombshell dresses!

gillybob Mon 08-Jul-19 08:29:17

I agree it is a gorgeous dress but I didn’t enter, as it would be a shame for someone like me to win it and have it gathering dust in the wardrobe, as I honestly never go anywhere where I could wear it. It deserves to be won by someone like janea would get huge pleasure from wearing it. smile

EllanVannin Mon 08-Jul-19 09:40:39

A bit like myself gillybob. I have some lovely stuff in my wardrobe which I'm loathed to throw out. Wouldn't look the part visiting Asda and if I did wear any of it folk would think I'd suddenly come into money hahahaha.

annsixty Mon 08-Jul-19 09:44:02

I entered two of the competitions as they were the only two prizes I would want or use.
It would not occur to me to enter for the sake of entering.

glammanana Mon 08-Jul-19 09:46:59

Me to annsixty

Charleygirl5 Mon 08-Jul-19 10:15:06

I could not agree more Glamma and Ann60. I do not believe in wasting items.

gillybob Mon 08-Jul-19 10:18:54

I'm glad there are others who think the same way. I really can't see the point of spoiling someone else's chances of winning something that we would never use.

Now that lovely little "ride on" is another matter entirely, I can just see my little Evie on it. smile

janeainsworth Mon 08-Jul-19 10:28:14

It deserves to be won by someone like janea would get huge pleasure from wearing it
gilly ?
I’m having a campaign at the moment to actually wear some of the things I’ve collected over the years.
My Mum bless her was not a clothes person at all & couldn’t understand me liking & enjoying them, and for years I felt guilty about it. All our clothes were homemade and after I left home I still felt guilty about buying clothes rather than making them myself.
Finally at nearly 70 I’ve just about got over it all grin

Pittcity Mon 08-Jul-19 14:17:54

There are people who enter everything competition and sell prizes that they can't use.... I am not one of these.

drsemnaa Wed 18-Mar-20 17:29:00

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Ridersghost Tue 20-Dec-22 12:29:21

How about this year?

shiftgrate Fri 08-Mar-24 09:45:45

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Grandmabatty Fri 08-Mar-24 09:47:16


annodomini Fri 08-Mar-24 10:00:30

Well...there I was, getting all excited, and then I looked at the dates on this thread. And April Fools' Day is still three weeks away.

kittylester Fri 08-Mar-24 10:04:31

And me, Anno. It's just like the old days - not.