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Junior Bake Off

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Playermojo007 Thu 28-Nov-19 10:55:20

Being a gran i obviously love kids.
I have never stopped and watched the GBBO .
But lately me my partner ànd grandson were absolutely hooked on Junior Bake Off.
We loved those beautiful caring artistic children. Whereas i have never been able to bake cakes confidently those children were amazing . Therefore your competition of little cooking co. Was timed at such an amazing time.
What are other peoples opinions ?

fourormore Thu 28-Nov-19 11:24:44

I totally agree Playermojo007
The creations that these children made on Junior Bake Off were incredible!
The one thing though that really and truly impressed us for the help they gave each other throughout the whole competition.
It was a competition and they all knew that each day, one or two of them would be sent home. They all obviously wanted to win!
However on several occasions one or other would have a crisis. A couple of examples:
One girl had forgotten to switch her oven on so when she was ready to put her baking in, the oven was cold. Immediately another child said "Do you want to put them in with mine?"
Another child (a boy I think) had mistakenly used all the fondant (?) in the main bake and therefore had none left when it came to decorating. Several of the others gave him pieces that they had left over.
When problems occurred they all immediately rallied to help the 'victim' when, in reality, they were jeopardising their own chances of success.
The parents of ALL these children should be so proud of the comradeship shown on this programme!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if adults and governments had the same attitude to helping those in trouble or distress!