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Win a FitBit and Lionel Shriver’s brand new novel - together worth over £100 *NOW CLOSED*

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 27-Apr-20 12:50:37

To celebrate the release of The Motion of the Body Through Space, the new novel by Lionel Shriver, we're giving one lucky gransnetter the chance to win a Fitbit Inspire HR and a copy of the book - together worth over £100. Five runners-up will also win a copy of the book.

More details on the prize can be found HERE and T&Cs HERE. We will pick a winner after 11am on 27th May.

To enter simply tell us... What happens when your partner gets involved in something you consider to be yours?

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Marmight Mon 27-Apr-20 14:44:52

What a weirdly phrased question! confused
My husband is dead, but if he were still here I would be delighted to share an activity or past time with him so long as it was suitable for us both.

emperorsin Mon 27-Apr-20 14:48:22

If it makes them happy I let them get on with it.

sue01 Mon 27-Apr-20 14:49:14

There's his stuff, my stuff and our stuff. Works brilliantly - well, it has done up to now !!

cheryllockettholiday Mon 27-Apr-20 14:49:32

I tell him to butt out and find go and cut the grass ?

skyedog Mon 27-Apr-20 14:49:43

My husband decided to take over the kitchen when he retired and I was still working. He doesn't do things the way I do but I just had to let it go. Now I am retired, I tried to reclaim the kitchen but he was in the habit of it so I just leave him to it. Occasionally, I offer to do things and then he hovers over me which drives me crazy. He is meticulous about timings, temperatures etc. where I am much more flexible and laid back. He always asks when I want to eat, which drives me crazy because I don't really care and don't like to be pinned down so, to annoy him, I say random times like 5.49 or something! I love him really and he is a good cook, thankfully!

CleoPanda Mon 27-Apr-20 15:00:49

Very unlikely that either of would get involved in each other’s hobbies or household roles for that matter. I can’t really say how I’d react as I have no experience. I think we’d both be OK with it!

skai123 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:04:08

We often share, but know our boundaries.

MAForster Mon 27-Apr-20 15:09:42

There has been a lot more crossover of interests in the current circumstances

sezz35sezz35 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:12:38

we share mostly so not a problem.

Alima Mon 27-Apr-20 15:18:22

Now you mention it he can attempt to take over.......

Tarnie13 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:22:58

I would have to take deep breath and get over it

Mabelicious Mon 27-Apr-20 15:25:59

I'm usually happy to have the help

Boxy Mon 27-Apr-20 15:28:40

I would be really happy if he did get involved

Maggiemaybe Mon 27-Apr-20 15:38:17

Your post resonated with me, skyedog. smile My DH follows instructions meticulously like yours, and won’t deviate from a recipe, or substitute even a minor ingredient. Probably because of this, and because I’m so slapdash, he’s a better cook than I am, so I never interfere!

LinDe Mon 27-Apr-20 15:41:02

I would be happy to share with him as it would be something we could do together, especially in this crazy time!

smiffy1062 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:46:08

I don’t mind as long as he does it the way I want, he usually loses interest pretty quickly anyway and leaves me to it...which is fine by me!

Miriam Mon 27-Apr-20 15:52:39

If that happened then I think pigs will be flying!

Zigzag123 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:53:19

I would welcome it as shared interest

GeminiJen Mon 27-Apr-20 15:55:02

We were an attraction of opposites. It simply never occurred!

vampirequeen Mon 27-Apr-20 15:57:02

I feel guilty when he does something that I think of as my job.

heatherjw Mon 27-Apr-20 16:03:50

We tend to have our own leisure interests, but during the lockdown my husband has been joining me on my exploration of local footpaths. The walks seem to take longer as there are many discussions about which path to take. When walking on my own I can happily head wherever I want.

bluegruber Mon 27-Apr-20 16:12:05

I would be amazed if he wanted to, but very happy as along as he didn't start telling me how to do things. It would be a nice change to do things together.

kath4 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:12:10

I don't mind, isn't that the whole point of being together

Kittyme1 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:18:47

I don't mind and would be happy as long as we can still have some individual interests.

juliedee Mon 27-Apr-20 16:30:10

nothing really don't mind if he wants to join in at all