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10p rolls of Christmas paper at Tesco

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tanith Sat 24-Jan-15 15:11:00

Tesco were selling 4 and 5m of Christmas wrapping paperfor 10p this morning some were plain red and gold which could be used for other than Christmas paper.. I bought 10 for £1 to share with my daughters.

joannapiano Sat 24-Jan-15 15:55:50

My son in law bought 120 rolls yesterday. He phoned DD2 and said he thought he had got a bit carried away! He does love a bargain smile.

glammanana Sat 24-Jan-15 16:16:45

I think red and gold would be nice for wrapping any presents wouldn't it ? when you come to think some shops charge you 60/70p for a single piece of birthday wrapping paper it's an absolute steal at 10p.

tanith Sat 24-Jan-15 16:22:51

Yes glammanana I did mean to say it could be use for gifts other than Christmas gifts. I did see one young man walking out with a trolley load joannapiano grin