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Freezing Christmas food

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Notsogrand Wed 30-Nov-11 22:36:44

I'm gathering some bits to make and freeze ahead of The Day, but so far it's quite a small list. Spiced red cabbage and apple. Pigs in Blankets. Mince pies. Brandy Butter. Bread Sauce.

Would be interested in any other ideas to make and freeze. smile

dizzyblonde Thu 01-Dec-11 11:49:18

I've frozen stuffing.

Notsogrand Thu 01-Dec-11 21:57:43

Good idea dizzy. I'll do some this weekend.

sheila5021 Sat 03-Dec-11 11:29:00

Have you tried freezing ahead of The Day the roast potatoes? My friend does all the time - I will get the details if you like. I think she uses goose fat. smile

sheila5021 Sat 03-Dec-11 11:31:17

I am would like to know if you can freeze sour cream and creme fraiche. I only use a small amount at a time and resent having to throw away the rest of the pot.

glammanana Sat 03-Dec-11 13:10:41

You can freeze both sheila5021 just pop into small yoghut pots and top with foil and will keep 3mths.

sheila5021 Sat 03-Dec-11 14:21:55

Thank you glammanana - will do straight away. thanks

glammanana Sat 03-Dec-11 14:32:20

You are welcome sheila the only stuff I have problems freezing is precooked rice for some daft reason as it always comes out when defrosted in a mushy mess,but you can buy it in freezer counters at supermarkets ready frozen confused but when I make homemade soup I always freeze the cream that is left and left over creme fraiche when I do cheesecakes all with no problem,thanks for thanks

Notsogrand Sat 03-Dec-11 15:00:00

sheila I'd love the details of freeze ahead roast potatoes please!

glamma I freeze pre-cooked rice regularly and it always defrosts as separate grains. I rinse it in masses of cold water to cool it quickly before draining, I wonder if that makes a difference?

I made the spicy red cabbage this morning, that's now cooling ready to freeze. Also made a small gluten free Christmas cake for the first time. It looks ok, but hard to tell.

Waitrose had a nice selection of pigs in blankets today ( or turkey's willies as they're known in our family blush so they'll be cooked for the freezer soon.

I love this time of year! smile

sheila5021 Sat 03-Dec-11 15:08:29

"Notsogrand" - I will be seeing my friend on Monday morning and will get the details of freezing roast potatoes then - will that be soon enough?

glammanana Sat 03-Dec-11 15:56:33

NSG will try the rice that way the next time, thanks for that piece of info it makes for perfect sense when you think about it.

Notsogrand Sat 03-Dec-11 16:22:39

Next week will be great sheila....many thanks!

Divawithattitude Sat 03-Dec-11 22:20:36

I bought some cranberries at 5 to 9 the other evening for 5p so have made my Cranberry sauce and frozen it, mince pies and sausage rolls, banana cheesecake, pigs in blankets, stuffing, I was very busy last weekend!

sheila5021 Mon 05-Dec-11 15:35:17

notsogrand . My friend tells me she just par boils the potatoes to the stage when you can fluff them up a bit then she open freezes them. Hope this helps.

bikergran Mon 05-Dec-11 15:47:59

Notsogrand I have suddenly gone off!! pigs in blankets ! confused

Notsogrand Mon 05-Dec-11 19:38:32

Thank you sheila. I'll give this a try before Christmas to see how they turn out after freezing. If all ok, I'll do them for The Day. I usually find it's hard to get roast potatoes to crisp up on Christmas Day. Something to do with the massive surge in electricity use I think, so the oven never really gets as hot as it should.
Diva I will definitely make cranberry sauce and freeze.

silversurfergran Fri 23-Dec-11 12:37:23

Anyone else been suckered into buying the Delia Smith 18th Century stuffing in Waitrose?
I got in just as they were putting them on the shelves and didn't seem to know the cost, then when I got to the till I forgot to ask them to check the price - it turned out to be £9.99!!!!! You had to provide a large onion and big knob of butter, and the pack contained a minute amount of sausage meat, about 1 rasher of streaky bacon, and the equivalent of the normal 89p of herbs in one box. The other box held enough chestnuts to sink the Titanic - I used less than half in the mix, will save the rest to heat up with the sprouts.
I know Waitrose is one of the pricier supermarkets but I do think this is a bit of a con. Or am a being a bit of a Christmas grump? I was just getting into the Christmas spirit too!
Just for balance, think Waitrose brandy cream is jolly good.

Carol Fri 23-Dec-11 13:21:22

Cheeky so and so's! I wish I'd got a stock of Heston's christmas pud in before it went viral that they were going for ten times the price! It would have paid for our Gransnet party!!