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Runny strawberry jam

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Trishabellywelly Sun 10-Jun-12 07:17:14

Yesterday I made some strawberry jam but it's runny! Should I re-boil it or how else can I make it thicken up?

absentgrana Sun 10-Jun-12 09:34:49

Did you add pectin? Maybe re-boil, adding more pectin.

Trishabellywelly Sun 10-Jun-12 09:43:43

No, I didn't - I did add some quince paste I made last December (which was too jammy) and I'm thinking about boiling it up again with a chopped up apple and the juice of another lemon? I haven't got any pectin.

Elegran Sun 10-Jun-12 09:46:51

Strawberries are notorious for not setting, they don't have a lot of pectin, and they also need lemon juice. Next time, combine the strawberries with another fruit like plums that set well. You get the flavour of the strawberries and the setting power of the other fruit.

Or use your runny jam as a sauce over vanilla ice cream, and tell everyone it was intentional.

JessM Sun 10-Jun-12 09:52:02

If you get some lemon or orange pips and boil them up they are stuffed with pectin. SO maybe - store jam, covered in fridge preferably, eat lots of oranges or lemons or grapefruit, store pips. Then give them a good boil, notice that lots of goopy stuff comes out, strain, used goopy pectin loaded liquid and throw pips away and then re do jam. Bit of a faff it's true and a packet of pectin would be a damn sight easier. I found out about the pips while experimenting with marmalade.
Apple pips and woody bits probably work as well.
Early for strawberry jam? - oh , no its not, the weather is creating an illusion that it is still April.

j04 Sun 10-Jun-12 09:54:20

Trisha, your own suggested remedy of boiling it up again with apple and lemon juice, sounds fine.

j04 Sun 10-Jun-12 09:55:40

But why not eat it over icecream, or over a nice stodgy sponge pudding? grin

MrsJamJam Sun 10-Jun-12 10:58:59

Or stir it through greek yoghurt - makes a yummy breakfast.

JessM Sun 10-Jun-12 11:37:36

or stirred into porridge

Trishabellywelly Sun 10-Jun-12 13:39:13

Well I've done it JO4 and will post an update tomorrow to see if it's worked!

Trishabellywelly Mon 11-Jun-12 08:07:56

Yessssss! It worked! Thanks all for your suggestions! Now I've got my own to pass on!

Notsogrand Mon 11-Jun-12 08:14:30

Mention of runny jam reminds me of the only time I tried to make lemon curd, when my girls were little. Nothing would make it set. They still remember drinking it through staws straight from the jam jar! grin

j04 Mon 11-Jun-12 08:51:02

Great Trisha! grin

Still like the ice cream option though.