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Galen Thu 26-Mar-15 17:39:07

I used to have a metal double ended spoon that you dipped one end into the hot liquid, rotated the spoon and the liquid ran down the hollow handle and was cool enough to taste when it reached the other end.
I've lost it and can't find a replacement.
Anybody any ideas?
I suppose it was more of a ladle than a spoon.

tiggypiro Thu 26-Mar-15 18:18:19

Sounds like a brilliant idea Galen. I do hope someone knows where you can replace it so that the rest of us can get one too !!

kittylester Thu 26-Mar-15 18:28:06

Me too!!

Galen Thu 26-Mar-15 18:38:38

The one I had was brilliant. It saved scalded mouths and tongues.
I reckon some visiting Gransnetter person nicked it!angry

cazthebookworm Thu 26-Mar-15 19:09:38

Not guilty !!

Galen Thu 26-Mar-15 19:32:48


glammanana Fri 27-Mar-15 08:58:31

Galen Only place I can think of is Lakeland or one of those speciality booklets that come inside the Sunday papers where they have all sorts of gadgets ? you may be lucky.

Charleygirl Fri 27-Mar-15 09:14:04

I am a fan of Lakeland and I have never seen or heard of that useful tool before or after looking through the comprehensive magazine. Amazon maybe your only hope.

I think that many of us would be keen to buy one.

Gagagran Fri 27-Mar-15 09:18:29

I found this on Google but it's American Amazon - would it serve your purpose Galen?

Gagagran Fri 27-Mar-15 09:19:32

Seems to have come up on UK Amazon when I pasted it across! smile

annodomini Fri 27-Mar-15 09:40:45

Found double ended spoon on Amazon but it comes from America and seems to me to be ridiculously expensive!

Galen Fri 27-Mar-15 10:13:29

The metal one cools it and it's really more of a ladle than spoon.
I've tried eBay, Amazon, JLP .
Give up.
If anyone finds one on their travels could they pm me?
Pretty please?

kittylester Fri 27-Mar-15 10:15:50

If anyone finds one on their travels they could do worse than buy a vast quantity and try selling them on GN. grin

etheltbags1 Fri 27-Mar-15 10:17:22

I wouldn't mind one either so anyone who finds one please let us know, I also want a bain marie but they are rare as hens teeth, I would have a used one as it is just for melting wax to make candles. Anyone know where they are sold, I haven't tried amazon yet but would just as soon go to a shop.

Galen Fri 27-Mar-15 10:32:18

Does anyone own a factory that could make them?
We could call it the GN or Granny spoon.
By the way, the end you dip in is smaller than the one you taste from and they're joined by a hollow handle.

Elegran Fri 27-Mar-15 10:42:25

ethel You can create a bain-marie yourself out of a small saucepan standing in a large saucepan of boiling/simmering water. That is all the fancy catering ones are, really. If you want to make sure it doesn't get too hot, laying a couple of forks or spoons under the small pan keeps it up a bit away from the heat source.

Sometimes you can find oldfashioned double saucepans in charity shops. They used to be used for making delicate sauces in, or melting chocolate.

Elegran Fri 27-Mar-15 10:51:19

gillybob and her husband have an engineering firm - maybe they would be interested.

You could get onto Lakeland plastics, they like to hear of unusual things that they can make (but perhaps you should take out a patent first and go on Dragon's Den with it?)

dustyangel Fri 27-Mar-15 14:23:36

Galen I've seen an advertisement for a spoon like that somewhere. It was called a cook's spoon. It was ages ago and I thought that it was in a Lakeland catalogue. The only reason I remember it was because I thought it was a good idea.

jollyg Fri 27-Mar-15 14:37:39

Surely if it is made of metal and you put one end into the boiling liquid to cool down on the tasting end to the metal spoon/ ladle has to be held by the fingers somehow.

Cant see it being a goer.

Whats wrong with a spoon and leave it to cool on a saucer?

Or does it have to be POSH......... Cunard line ad

tiggypiro Fri 27-Mar-15 14:48:35

I've found something similar !!
It's called a Silicone Universal Tasting Spoon, about 10" long, bright orange (difficult to lose) with a spoon on each end ( one smaller than the other). As it says it was made of silicone and there was only a groove down the centre so not quite what Galen was looking for.There was an email address zeal@cks, I found it in Boyes which those of you from these northern outposts (Yorkshire) will know and love and the price was a huge £1.99. Quite a bit cheaper than anything in Lakeland I suspect!!

Galen Fri 27-Mar-15 15:25:15

Nothing to do with being posh! It's just the fact that I make soup a lot using my cuisinart soup maker and a small ladle inserted via the hole in the lid is the best way of tasting it!
The only small ladles I have are plastic and have quite short handles.
Hence the problem of reaching a low liquid level and the resulting sample being flipping hot!

Ana Fri 27-Mar-15 15:34:37

Couldn't you use a turkey baster or cook's pipette to draw some soup off? By the time you'd transferred it to a spoon it would have cooled down a bit.

Nelliemoser Fri 27-Mar-15 15:55:13

Blimey Ana when i read you top line it sounded as if it was a discussion about how to get pregnant with donor sperm.

Nelliemoser Fri 27-Mar-15 16:05:35

Get a plastic tube and siphon some out. You can buy such tubing cheaply at many hardware shops. Just suck it out with the open end held lower than the level of the liquid and it will flow out. raise the sucking end again to stop the flow.

I can thank my father for teaching me about siphoning when I was about four for that most useful information. wink
I have never yet tried it on someones petrol tank.

Galen Fri 27-Mar-15 16:14:12

Used to have to syphon blood for ESRs when I did a holiday job in a path lab. Miracle we didn't all go down with hepatitis