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Sticky ginger cake recipe, please

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miep Sat 06-Aug-16 17:56:11

I'm looking for a recipe for a real, old fashioned, dark and sticky ginger cake. You know, the kind where you have just finished licking your fingers after a slice when greed takes over and you can't resist cutting another because it was so delicious? I don't mind which area/country it comes from, nor which measurements it uses. I've been dreaming about this since buying a Macvities one last week, which didn't taste at all as I remembered from years ago. Please can someone put me out of my misery?

hildajenniJ Sat 06-Aug-16 20:01:39

Hello miep. I make an old Be-ro recipe. If you put it in a tin and leave it for a day or so it develops a lovely sticky top.
Here it is.

J52 Sat 06-Aug-16 20:22:46

That sounds so yummy! Thanks for posting it. I am going to make it next week.

Auntieflo Sun 07-Aug-16 12:44:48

Hello miep, here is another recipe for you
Fruity Gingerbread
1level teasp mixed spice
2level teasps ground ginger
1level teasp bicarbonate of soda
8 oz (225 gm) plain flour
3ozs (75 gm) lard
4 ozs (109gm) black treacle
4ozs (100gm) golden syrup
2ozs (50gm) dark soft brown sugar
2ozs (50gm) marmalade, roughly chopped if chunky
2eggs, beaten
6 tblsps milk
4ozs (100 gm) mixed dried fruit

Heat oven to 325F, 160C, gas mark 3
Grease and line an 8" square tin

Sift spices, bicarb and flour into a bowl and make a well in the centre
Place lard in a saucepan, together with the treacle, syrup and sugar, and heat until the lard has just melted and the ingredients have blended.
Remove from heat and leave to cool slightly.
Stir the remaining ingredients into the bowl of flour, together with the lard mixture, and beat with a wooden spoon, until smooth and glossy.
Pour into the tin and bake in oven for approx 1.25 - 1.5 hours.
Leave gingerbread to cool in the tin for about 30 mins, before turning it out and removing the paper. Leave on a cooloing rack until it is completely cool. Store in an airtight tin until required.

TriciaF Sun 07-Aug-16 14:59:31

Auntie Flo - I was going to post something like your recipe.
Husband makes a fruit cake which is sticky like treacle toffee.
He uses black treacle and dark soft brown sugar. But he uses margarine instead of lard.

TriciaF Sun 07-Aug-16 15:01:50

ps nearly the same as hildajenniJ's as well.