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bichonmad Sun 04-Dec-16 09:04:23

I have to get a new oven,are fan assisted ovens a good buy,are they better than a regular ovens my granddaughter said she diidnt know there was any other than fan assisted,that made me wonder if they were still available [smile ]

Grannyknot Sun 04-Dec-16 09:16:08

I cannot imagine life without a fan-assisted oven, like your daughter, I didn't even know you still got them without!

Grannyknot Sun 04-Dec-16 09:16:50

Mine is a Neff and I'm very happy with it, we have a gas hob and electric oven.

annsixty Sun 04-Dec-16 09:18:42

I didn't like my first fan oven but very quickly got used to it as we do.
I have a new oven on order, quite a modest priced one as I don't do so much cooking now and at 79 I assume it "will see me out". I was surprised to be told it can be used either as a fan or conventional mode. It is a Zanussi.

kittylester Sun 04-Dec-16 09:19:40

My cooker has electric fan and gas ordinary oven.

Charleygirl Sun 04-Dec-16 09:47:42

I have a fan assisted oven but find that I have to cook food for the same time as an ordinary oven- I have not a clue why and as I am used to it now there is little point spending money getting somebody to look at it.

ninathenana Sun 04-Dec-16 09:59:03

My built in Tecnik oven can be used either way. I've never used it as a fan oven as I stick to what I know.

annodomini Sun 04-Dec-16 10:00:01

My Bosch oven gives me a choice of fan-assisted or not. There's also a fast start setting which heats the oven quickly and then you can use whichever setting you choose. I don't always use the fan, although allegedly it can use a lower temperature than other settings.

spyder08 Sun 04-Dec-16 10:07:29

Bichonmad I have a range cooker with both a fan oven and a conventional one. I always use the fan assisted "first" unless I need both when I have a baking day or am cooking for larger numbers eg Xmas. I find it quicker and more controllable. I wouldn't be without it.

J52 Sun 04-Dec-16 10:12:06

Generally, most recipies now give the temp/ timings for fan assisted ovens. Usually it's about 10 degrees less.

Ovens are now much more sophisticated and the digitally controlled ones give you options on heating formats/ settings depending on the type of food you are cooking!

If you cam, I'd go and ask a nice salesperson at JL to run through the options and demonstrate the different types. It could be an entertaining half hour!grin

harrigran Sun 04-Dec-16 10:23:13

I have a Neff fan oven with rapid heat up, it is brilliant and the slide away door is very useful.

ninathenana Sun 04-Dec-16 13:27:13

envy I'd not seen the slide away door until watching GBBO I think they're a brilliant idea.

tanith Sun 04-Dec-16 13:40:36

I have a Bosch which gives me the choice of either, I use the fan-assist much more often it does cook things quicker for me.

harrigran Sun 04-Dec-16 13:41:44

I actually have two of these ovens side by side at eye level, I don't know how we managed before.

LadyGracie Sun 04-Dec-16 13:50:05

I love my Hotpoint electric fan oven, wouldn't be without fan after trying both

Anya Sun 04-Dec-16 13:54:25

I have two as well harrigran but only use the second one for big gatherings.

Most ovens surely are fan assisted these days, but you can choose not to use that setting. Must admit fan-assisted in my default setting.

Anya Sun 04-Dec-16 13:55:51

Have slide away doors too. one advantage the only advantage of a house fire -getting to upgrade the kitchen.

Izabella Sun 04-Dec-16 14:15:09

Neff double oven. Fan oven used for everything, best thing since sliced bread. Only use the other one for keeping stuff warm so I think that says it all.

Hilltopgran Sun 04-Dec-16 16:20:18

I had to change my cooker a couple of years ago and have not regretted going for a Neff oven at worktop level, it does so many yhings the best being the slide away door and shelf sliding out of oven so lifting the turkey is so much easier and safer!