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Oh yes you can! (Freeze houmous that is!)

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Squiffy Mon 31-Dec-18 11:42:27

Well, following on from my previous thread, I can report that I froze a variety of houmouses (houmice? tchhmm) and they were absolutely fine! Phew! tchgrin

The red pepper one needed a stir, but they were all perfectly edible and didn't seem to have been affected by a week or so in the freezer.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 31-Dec-18 12:06:33

That is really handy to know Squiffy, as I hate wasting food, thank you for the update.

Beechnut Mon 31-Dec-18 12:20:17

I’m glad to hear that. I found mine the day after the use by date.
I’m still alive 😂

Nanagem Mon 31-Dec-18 17:09:12

That’s useful to know, I’m the only one that likes it, I like to make my own, but I always end up throwing some away.