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farview Sat 16-Mar-19 20:44:19

Made the best scones 'ever' today from. GH mag recipe.
Just three ingredients
Double cream
.. absolutely delicious...added raisins to half the mixture....also delicious..

farview Sat 16-Mar-19 20:45:51

ps...have eaten lemonade scones before in Australia...but was a far more complicated recipe.

jura2 Sat 16-Mar-19 20:47:03

recipe please? How much of each. Thanks.

farview Sat 16-Mar-19 20:50:57

Oh jura2 it's in the bedroom and H is asleep..will put it on here's inside my passport as am taking it to my daughters in Dubai next week 😊

Lisagran Sat 16-Mar-19 21:19:07

Is it this (GN) recipe?

MiniMoon Sat 16-Mar-19 21:21:05

Love scones. Best ones I ever made were lemon and cranberry with plain yogurt. Delicious.

RosieLeah Sat 16-Mar-19 21:27:38

I saw that recipe but couldn't imagine scones made with lemonade. Might give it a go, I think the recipe is still among my e-mails.

farview Sat 16-Mar-19 21:35:38

Similar Lisagran but sure it's double cream..will post a.m

Farmor15 Sat 16-Mar-19 21:46:48

Scone recipe with lemonade sounds interesting, but I wonder what kind of lemonade? Something like 7up or Sprite? Or the cloudy type? Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Lisagran Sat 16-Mar-19 21:58:57

In the GH recipe Farmor15, it says cloudy or clear lemonade. I made them a while ago with clear - they’re very light and fresh

gillybob Sun 17-Mar-19 00:28:53

Could I make them into cheese scones? My DH is currently (sorry couldn’t resist) addicted to them and he isn’t eating too well atm ?

shysal Sun 17-Mar-19 07:09:40

I look forward to trying the scones, thank you.

My neighbour told me of a lemonade recipe she uses when mass catering at a conference she volunteers for;
Frozen berries or can of pie filling
Packet of dry sponge cake mix
Cheap sugar free lemonade
Layer fruit in greased dish, cover with dry sponge mix, sprinkle with the lemonade until all wetted (it will fizz up).
Bake at 180C for about 30 minutes

It is delicious!

JackyB Sun 17-Mar-19 07:43:27

How much is in a can of lemonade? Here in Germany lemonade is sold in returnable bottles.

Moongirl Sun 17-Mar-19 08:18:14

Intrigued, I just looked this up and will try them today! Thanks, farview!

Bathsheba Sun 17-Mar-19 08:41:02

Thanks for this - I'll definitely be trying these. Also I'm going to try your neighbour's recipe, shysal, which looks interesting! Thanks smile. It's never occurred to me to use lemonade in cooking - I'm intrigued now and will be Googling for other ideas wink

Bathsheba Sun 17-Mar-19 08:50:13

Well off I went to consult Mr Google. I thought I'd search for "Cooking with lemonade". Now, you know how, as you type in the search field, he tries to guess what you're looking for and make suggestions?

Well, hmm...... the first suggestion Mr Google made was, wait for it..... "Cooking with poo" shock

No, I didn't click on it. I really, really do not want to know hmmgrin

farview Sun 17-Mar-19 08:54:28

14oz S R flour
6oz Double cream
6oz Lemonade
then make as usual...and enjoy!!