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Chai seeds

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Grannyrebel27 Sat 04-May-19 18:45:11

Has anyone tried chai seeds? My friend with high cholesterol was recommended these by her doctor. My cholesterol is up so I thought I'd give them a try too.

Niobe Sat 04-May-19 19:07:40

I presume you mean chia seeds. I like them sprinkled on breakfast cereal. If you leave them to soak they develop a thick , slimy feel but I don't mind that. Great if you are constipated! Look up some Youtube videos if you want ideas.
Sorry I don't know if they affect cholesterol levels but they can speed up the rate at which stuff moves through the gut and this can mean that some medications move through the gut so fast that the body does not have enough time to absorb them but I never felt any difference in that way. Try them and see how you get on.

cornergran Sat 04-May-19 20:34:51

Recommended to me by a consultant to help with a slow digestion, sadly they had no impact on me. hmm but certainly should do no harm.

SueDonim Sat 04-May-19 20:50:49

We have them with cereal in the mornings. I don't know about the impact on cholesterol, though, as we just take them as a fibre-boost.

BBbevan Sat 04-May-19 20:55:10

My DiL has just made me a chocolate chia pudding. I eat low-card. It was delicious

allassinsane Sat 11-May-19 13:01:19

You could also make a low carb chia jam. Soak the seeds in a little sugar free cranberry juice or other fruit juice, or even water, then mix with various berries, I use frozen mixed berries, de-frosted. You could add a little sweetener or maple syrup if you're ok with carbs. Chia seeds are rich in fibre, protein and omegas, especially omega 3, so very nutritious. I also make chia chocolate pud with high cocoa mass cocoa powder and soak the seeds in a little soy or almond milk. Yum.