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Conference Pears

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Calendargirl Wed 26-Jun-19 13:26:16

Bought 3 loose conference pears in Tesco today.
0.810 kg @£2.20/kg = £1.78!
They were huge, far bigger than I wanted, but trying to avoid the pre-packed ones which were smaller and also didn’t say the price per kg, but think they were 32p each.
Why can’t they have smaller loose ones I wonder?

EllanVannin Wed 26-Jun-19 13:33:49

I bought a bag of small snack pears last month and they were delicious--£1 from Asda, juicy and full of flavour----Italian. I think there were 7 in the bag.

BradfordLass72 Wed 26-Jun-19 20:45:26

I wouldn't think 3 pears were enough to have a conference. Cosy chat maybe......