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Good idea for using courgette leaf stems on Saturday Kitchen.

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merlotgran Sat 06-Jul-19 10:31:03

This should appeal to anyone on a low carb diet who grows their own veg.

Instead of composting the stems along with the leaves, use them like penne pasta. Strip off the fibrous stringy bits from the outside, Scrape along the length, cut into penne sized pieces and poach in herb infused water.

No carbs, gluten free, vegan pasta.

What a good idea. Must try it when my courgettes are ready. They're a bit behind this year.

NanaandGrampy Sat 06-Jul-19 12:21:58

We picked our first courgette yesterday Merlotgran , had a glut last year so hoping for a few less but I love this idea and will definitively give it a go!

Norah Sat 06-Jul-19 12:50:23

Courgettes are also quite nice spiralized as faux pasta.

merlotgran Sun 07-Jul-19 13:08:13

Trial sample done....It wasn't as fiddly as I thought. These stems are very young so only needed gentle stripping of the fibres and hardly any scraping. I boiled some herbs in salted water, removed the herbs then simmered the 'pasta' for no more than two minutes. More time might be needed when the stems are older.

It was surprisingly delicious and they held their shape and colour. I wouldn't serve it with a strong sauce. Melted herb or garlic butter would be just right.