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Lessismore Sun 28-Jul-19 11:24:20

Has anybody tried this scheme? I had one box and I am contemplating ordering again.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 28-Jul-19 11:25:53

Never heard of it, what is it?

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Jul-19 11:29:17

Both my DS and my DD use a different brand and swear by it. Both work very hard and have long commutes getting in late. It means they don't have to think what to eat or buy all the separate ingredients.

Maybe if I was living alone it would be good but I still like going shopping for food and planning meals but I can see it certainly has a place.

Lessismore Sun 28-Jul-19 11:35:22

Yes , dragon it is ideal for hard working young uns.
I am just lazy.

Barmey, it is a scheme whereby you pay and they send you virtually all you need for a meal.

The down side is the amount of packing and the cost.

MawBroonsback Sun 28-Jul-19 11:36:13

Can you tell us more about your first box please?

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Jul-19 11:40:00

Just a thought - do they do boxes for one person. My DS and DD are both married so there are two of them and they say sometimes there is enough for three.

Lessismore Sun 28-Jul-19 11:46:28

Yes dragon , they do them for 2. You can stop and start as you wish, you are not tied in.

Maw, first box was nice, it was a change to the usual . There seemed to be a lot of packing. Perhaps it would be good if you wanted to take a holiday from cooking and shopping?

phoenix Sun 28-Jul-19 12:07:18

I have used Gousto & Hello Fresh in the past (had a very good introductory offer!), not cheap, but I have kept the recipe cards and do make the dishes from time to time.

They both help to put some changes into mealtimes.

Liz46 Sun 28-Jul-19 12:31:59

My daughter likes Gousto. She is a busy working mum and finds that the portion for two feeds her and the two children. Like phoenix, she keeps the recipe cards to use again.