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Potato salad

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Lisagran Sat 02-Nov-19 21:11:56

Made this tonight and it was yummy! Had it with Spinach and Feta piesmile. It was nice warm and then later cold.

crazyH Sat 02-Nov-19 21:22:12

Thanks Lisagran.....I love a potato salad. Never thought of adding green chilli, although green chillis are readily available in my frig. I will add them next time. I usually have it with marinated, grilled chicken.

LondonGranny Sat 02-Nov-19 21:38:35

I love a good potato salad. If I'm using something like olive oil & balsamic vinegar I do it when the spuds are still hot. Not if I'm using a yoghurt or mayo-based dressing though. I sometimes go for chopped chives and Heinz salad cream because that was the default in the 1960s so it's like comfort food.

SirChenjin Sat 02-Nov-19 21:38:36

That sounds delicious

BradfordLass72 Sun 03-Nov-19 05:40:10

At the moment I have a craze for fresh mint which I add, finely chopped, to coleslaw and any mixed, green salad.

I'd add it to this too.

Dollydinkum Sun 03-Nov-19 09:24:06

I love potato salad. I’m definitely going to try the recipe and other suggestions on here. Thanks for posting.

EllanVannin Sun 03-Nov-19 09:57:18

Always make my own potato salad and salad cream too.

Craftycat Sun 03-Nov-19 11:22:33

Mmmm- sounds great. I have a freezer drawer full of red chillis as for some reason they just went potty this year so I'll give this a go tomorrow with red chillis- I'm sure it will work just as well- although some are VERY hot so I'll save those for curry!!
Thank you for recipe.

petalmoore Sun 03-Nov-19 12:38:11

EllanVannin I hope you’d be prepared to share your recipe for salad cream - I was addicted to the Heinz version as a child, and still like it in small quantities, but have never yet managed to put together a home-made version that tasted right. Often delicious, but never actually salad cream.

Auntieflo Sun 03-Nov-19 13:22:20

Thank you Lisagran, we are having this tonight with home made quiche and salad.
Looking forward to tasting it.
We used to have a German neighbour, who made delicious potato salad, but mine never equalled hers.

Esmerelda Sun 03-Nov-19 13:32:58

Lisgran please let me know where you get your spinach and feta pie from as I just LOVE it, but as I am also a hopeless cook I can't make it for myself! My mouth is watering just thinking of this right now.

rosecarmel Sun 03-Nov-19 14:22:32

I love Italian potato salad ..

Potato, tomato, onion, olive oil, vinegar ..

You can add olives, capers, pepperoni, salami, fresh herbs and mozzarella ..

mrswoo Sun 03-Nov-19 14:50:30

I like to add chopped sweet pickled cucumber to potato salad. Most supermarkets stock jars but I find the best ones are Mrs Elswood which I get from Tesco. Delicious.

phoenix Sun 03-Nov-19 16:15:52

I make potato salad, and I'm told its very good, but can't eat it as to me it looks as if it's been eaten once before blush

Lisagran Sun 03-Nov-19 16:48:12

Esmerelda - sometimes I make Spinach and feta pie, but recently I’ve discovered these in Waitrose, which are very good. They are packaged in plastic shock and they say to remove the lid and cook in the plastic base - but I put it on a pre- heated baking tray instead, to avoid a soggy bottom smile

KarenDerna Mon 04-Nov-19 20:36:54

Sounds lovely , by the way you can buy the feta and spinach pie in Lidl when they gave Greek week, frozen, very good for a quick dinner. I also love making it myself

Desdemona Mon 04-Nov-19 20:58:15

Does anyone remember the tinned Heinz Potato Salad from the 1970's?

SirChenjin Mon 04-Nov-19 21:21:33

Oh yes! There was another one called vegetable salad which had had an assortment of processed veg is a salad cream type dressing ??

LondonGranny Mon 04-Nov-19 21:46:46

You've reminded me of the time I did a potato salad with a jar of Sandwich Spread as the dressing. The 1960s in a bowl!

Gonegirl Mon 04-Nov-19 22:08:28

We liked the Heinz vegetable salad, and the potato one. Didn't know you couldn't still get it.

Gonegirl Mon 04-Nov-19 22:10:07

Yes. What phoenix said is very true. grin

Esmerelda Tue 05-Nov-19 14:16:52

Lisagran thank you so very much ... I'll be off to Waitrose tomorrow morning. I shall follow your instructions re the baking tray. That's the kind of cooking I CAN manage ?.