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ninathenana Wed 11-Mar-20 14:58:41

I've only ever cooked Brains faggots which I tip into a suitable dish and micro. I bought some fresh ones from the deli as they were on the reduced section. I have no idea of cooking time. BBC food says 1 hr. in the oven. Can I cook them in the micro ?

gillybob Wed 11-Mar-20 15:00:37

I remember my paternal grandma calling me "a noisy faggot" confused

tanith Wed 11-Mar-20 15:02:01

My first husband loved brains faggots but sorry I can’t help with timings.

BBbevan Wed 11-Mar-20 15:22:19

The lady, a few door down from my Grandma, used to make faggots on a Wednesday. I think her name was Nellie. My Grandma would send me down with a pudding basin and 6d. Wonderful faggots. I have always liked them.

M0nica Wed 11-Mar-20 15:28:56

I assume they are cooked. Put them in a dish, pour gravy over them. Start with M/w on 3 minutes, then poke with a knife. If they are steaming all the way through, they are ready to eat.

My solution with all M/W queries is start with a couple of minutes and then increments in minutes or 30 seconds until a satisfactory point is reached.

jaylucy Wed 11-Mar-20 15:29:18

Oooh Brains faggots with mashed potato and peas ! Yum!
I think I'd bake them , along with lots of onion gravy in an oven dish for as long as it takes for them to be cooked right through which may well take an hour. Difficult to tell , not knowing the size of them, might take abit of trial and error oh, and cook with either foil or a lid over the top, take the lid off for the last 15 minutes or so if you like them slightly crispy on the outside!
May I also add to our other gransnetters from across the pond where "faggots " has a completely different connotation, that we are talking about meat balls !!!

ninathenana Wed 11-Mar-20 15:44:57

jaylucy gringrin

ninathenana Wed 11-Mar-20 15:45:46

M0nica no they are raw

M0nica Wed 11-Mar-20 15:51:36

In which case start still add gravy, still start with three minutes and go from there. It should be easily clear from inserting a knife and pulling it out whether the inside is cooked and boiling hot.

Davida1968 Wed 11-Mar-20 15:55:16

Ooh, I used to love faggots! A cheap & filling dish when my mum was struggling to make ends meet, in the 1960s. Heaven't had them for years now, though.

BlueSapphire Wed 11-Mar-20 15:57:08

We had a large meat factory in our local town when I was a child, and the factory shop used to sell faggots. They were absolutely delicious, especially on a Sunday morning, sliced and fried as part of a full English breakfast!

phoenix Wed 11-Mar-20 16:00:20

Love them here, although we sometimes have them a bit naughty, with chips & peas!

(Good way of sneaking iron rich liver into those who won't actually eat liver wink)

merlotgran Wed 11-Mar-20 16:16:07

My aunt and uncle lived in Wiltshire. Faggots and peas were a local dish and I loved the savoury, peppery flavour.

I haven't bought them for years but I used to just heat them up in a pan of onion gravy.

Auntieflo Wed 11-Mar-20 16:16:23

From the Good Food site: copied and pasted, just the bit about gravy, cooking, and timing.
Otherwise M0nica's M/w timing sounds OK

Heat oven to 160C/140C fan/gas 3.
To make the gravy, fry the onions in the oil until starting to turn golden. Add the sugar and continue cooking, stirring frequently, until caramelised. Tip in the vinegar and allow to sizzle. Mix the flour with a couple of tbsp water. Pour the stock into the onions, then add the flour paste and cook, stirring constantly, until smooth and starting to thicken. When it is thick, pour into the tin with the faggots, cover with foil and bake for 1 hr until cooked through. Serve sprinkled with parsley, with mash and a veg, if you like.

ninathenana Wed 11-Mar-20 16:30:13

Thanks everyone

EllanVannin Wed 11-Mar-20 16:36:55

I love them too, so lovely and savoury. Mum used to get them every week at my request. We had chips or potato scallops ( done in beef dripping ) with them, or mash and peas.
I've never seen the Brains ones in Asda, but I'll ask next time I'm there.

CherryCezzy Wed 11-Mar-20 18:41:22

EllenVannin I bought some on Monday in Asda but I've found that they don't always sell them. I love faggots. There's a few stalls in the indoor market in the city centre a few miles from where I live. I've got to know which stall is the best one to buy fromgrin. BlueSapphire that's one of my WP's "treats" along with faggot sandwiches. Phoenix love it, sneaky livergrin

M0nica Wed 11-Mar-20 19:40:56

I make my own, although I haven't done it recently. I will put them on the list for consideration.

I love offal and all things like that. After my DM died, she was a delicate eater, I used to cook dishes like this whenever my DF visited. I made faggots also casserole of stuffed hearts, all sorts of things

lemongrove Wed 11-Mar-20 19:46:30

I wonder what our transatlantic GNers make of the thread title! 😁
Must admit I have never really fancied eating one.

Chewbacca Wed 11-Mar-20 19:49:30

Nor me lemon; I think it was the combination of brains and faggotts that always put me off!