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sodapop Sun 10-May-20 12:44:51

I like Prue Leith too, much prefer her to the overly sweet Mary Berry.

Elegran Sun 10-May-20 11:26:26

For tasty store cupboard meals with ordinary (and cheap) ingredients, you can't beat Jack Monroe. She has a book called "Tin Can Cook"

merlotgran Sun 10-May-20 11:15:20

I wanted to nip in and straighten up the paintings on the wall behind her. grin

Callistemon Sun 10-May-20 11:14:08

Thanks Missfoodlove
I've been eyeing up the packet of coconut flour, thinking that if I'm desperate I may use it!

Rather like gf flour, then, it needs more liquid.

Grannynannywanny Sun 10-May-20 10:58:51

When I was in supermarket recently there was one bag of flour.

Unfortunately it was burst open and flour scattered across the shelf.

I wondered if there had been a tug of war with the last bag

grannysyb Sun 10-May-20 10:56:16

I have a friend with a gluten free son, she made some delicious gf muffins with chestnut flour, However it's very expensive,and probably only available in health food shops.

Calendargirl Sun 10-May-20 10:52:25

Just looked on Tesco Website MawB.

No polenta or chestnut flour at all, so doubt if any will be in my smallish Tesco.

Missfoodlove Sun 10-May-20 10:50:26

Callistemon, coconut flour is very tricky to use as you need a lot of hydration .

The results will be great with the right recipe but find one specific for coconut flour don’t just substitute for ordinary

Lucca Sun 10-May-20 10:15:31

Nothing to do with baking but I love her use of colour ...

Callistemon Sun 10-May-20 10:12:05

Will coconut flour work? I have an unopened packet bought by a DD. It could be out of date.

Could she find me some eggs?
And my four lemons look a bit ropey

Greeneyedgirl Sun 10-May-20 10:11:56

I saw her looking glam and mentioning chestnut flour! Flippin heck, never heard of it. Tesco here haven't even got any eggs.
Like wise recipes for "store cupboard" meals in a few newspapers. All sorts of exotic ingredients which I can imagine only the most serious cooks may have hanging around.

grandMattie Sun 10-May-20 09:59:21

Corn Flour is the same thing, though finer. Also called "masa harina" in Spanish - used to make tortillas. I find mine in the "foreign" food section of my local Sainsbury's

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 10-May-20 09:51:30

There was hardly any flour of any description in my local Tesco at my last weekly shop except for the last packet of 'bread mix' flour.

The recipe is rather indulgent isn't it? My late MIL who came through the rationing and shortages of WWII would have been horrified at using six eggs all at once.

kittylester Sun 10-May-20 09:49:32

She also said it contained a ton of butter!!

She mentioned ground almonds too.

I think she is very refreshing.

rubysong Sun 10-May-20 09:49:09

I agree. She didn't appear to be in the real world. I can certainly get normal flour easier than chestnut flour here in rural Cornwall. I thought her comments about YouTube bakers showed a bit of 'nose put out of joint'.

MawB Sun 10-May-20 09:48:52

They probably are, you know!
I often make Lemon and Polenta cake.

Calendargirl Sun 10-May-20 09:45:34

Just watching Prue on Andrew Marr, looking very glam and pretty. He was asking her about baking, with the dearth of flour in the shops, and what would she do?

She gaily told him her favourite cake is Italian Polenta Cake, lots of different versions, but her choice includes 6 eggs, 4 lemons and of course polenta flour, but if not available, chestnut flour or any nut flour.

Hmm, not sure if these are any more available at our local Tesco. Must remember to check it out at my next weekly shop.