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Does your town have a recently opened food bank ?

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Floradora9 Wed 20-May-20 14:28:20

Our smallish town has opened one in a restaurant which cannot open normally . They are really doing well collecting food to give out . I had a tidy of my large freezer and gave them the vegetarian food my family will not be here to eat plus other goodies . I worry a bit because they do not seem to be vetting the people asking for the food but , being a small town , someone will know them . I think it is worth the risk if anyone reallyneeding the food gets it . It is sad times we live in indeed when this is needed .

ninathenana Wed 20-May-20 14:32:11

There have been at least two in our small town for a couple of years now. I don't know if any additional ones have opened recently.

SueDonim Wed 20-May-20 14:47:05

There has been a local food bank for some years now and that’s business as usual. However, a community hub has also been set up which takes unsold fresh food from local shops and turns it into ready-made meals which are given away FOC.

kittylester Wed 20-May-20 15:10:11

Since lockdown we have one in our village. They also provide cooked meals for those that need them.

I am unable to do much to help so I buy tins, pasta and baked beans every week which is collected from our gate.

EllanVannin Wed 20-May-20 16:11:55

Not that I know of though then again I haven't been since the beginning of March but there wasn't one then.