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Giving tips for a take away meal?

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GinJeannie Thu 11-Jun-20 14:13:11

To tip or not to tip? We live in a rural area of Wales and are fortunate enough to have two local pubs, one a community run pub. Both pubs are offering a Friday and Saturday take away menu - fish and chips, usual bar food. We patronise both pubs, alternate weeks, as value them and certainly don't want to see them 'go under'. I've been tipping £2-3 each time we collect our meals, but DH doesn't agree with this, since we are not getting table service! I just want to tip as appreciate all their efforts in these times. What would you do?

Charleygirl5 Thu 11-Jun-20 14:18:05

I would tip if it was delivered to my home but not if I rang to order and then picked it up.

HAZBEEN Thu 11-Jun-20 15:02:51

I always tip the takeaway delivery driver. I would never add the tip on when I originally order and pay for the food as I am not convinced it gets to the driver. At the moment I leave the tip in an envelope on the step as they are doing non contact delivery.

Riverwalk Thu 11-Jun-20 15:21:17

It's not the norm to tip when picking-up a takeaway, but these are not normal times and it's a nice gesture to do so.

As you say, you don't want these local rural businesses to go under - tell your husband not to be miserly! I doubt if they're making much, if any profit, over this Lockdown period.

I'm sure he'd be sorry if the pubs disappeared.

grumppa Thu 11-Jun-20 15:38:22

I always tip when collecting a takeaway from a restaurant.

AGAA4 Thu 11-Jun-20 15:43:47

I would tip as they are providing a service in difficult times.

V3ra Thu 11-Jun-20 17:08:05

My son is back at work but there's no overtime available yet, which he usually does to boost his earnings.
So he's signed up as an Uber Eats delivery driver!
He can log on to the app as and when he's available and pick up local jobs.
He says don't forget to tip the driver, which I must admit I wouldn't have thought to do, but will now 😁

Alishka Thu 11-Jun-20 20:22:23

I don't order takeaways unless I've a friend visiting, when,yes,we always tip the delivery man. Same as my Iceland delivery bloke since I've been in lockdown. smile

tidyskatemum Thu 11-Jun-20 21:21:49

I have always tipped the Domino’s delivery driver (other pizzas are available!) but they are now not allowed to hand over the delivery, just leave it on the doorstep and ring the bell. Last time I put the tip in an envelope and left it outside addressed to ‘Dominos Man’ He took it and gave me a cheery wave as he drove off.