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Hooray, I have finally done it !!!!!

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Calendargirl Thu 18-Jun-20 11:38:58

We did the same thing a few days ago felice.

Have now been using soup and fruit that has been in ages, have made a few crumbles. DH had a breast of lamb, age unknown, probably had turned into mutton, but he said it was good. I had a pheasant breast, well I tried it, it tasted ‘old’ so didn’t eat the rest.

There is one container, not sure if it’s tomato soup or pasta sauce, either way it will get used.

As you say, a clean sweep ready for the summer produce.


felice Thu 18-Jun-20 11:27:50

I have at last emptied both of my large freezers, and started de-frosting them.
One good thing to come out of lockdown.
I must say I have eaten some interesting dinners, I really do need to label better, the veg and red pepper soup turned out to be a chilli and veg vegan stew for a chilli loving friend.shock
The markets are now back so I will be shopping for lots of seasonal fruit and veg to re-stock.
Lots of chopping for DGS he loves to chop veg smile.
Not an important post but I had to tell someone, have a good day.