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How to make Jackfruit taste good?

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avitorl Wed 22-Jul-20 18:32:47

I've tried Jackfruit for the first time today,it's meant to be a good substitute for meat,but I really didn't like it.

I used it in a mushroom based stirfry and flavoured it with Vegetarian chicken flavoured stock powder,plus soy sauce to see if it would taste any better,it didn't! it was nearly tasteless but had a bit of a sharp ,vinegar tang to it.
Any suggestions welcome

BlueBelle Wed 22-Jul-20 18:34:27

I don’t like it either, tastes like poison to me only had it once and won’t be having it again

annsixty Wed 22-Jul-20 18:41:48

One of my neighbours who works for a food marketing company (H actually) gave us some “ experimental” Vegeburgers made with jackfruit, it was being tested before going to a major supermarket .
They were horrible, so spicy, I assume to cover the taste, or non taste, we couldn’t eat them and sadly they went in the food waste.

Callistemon Wed 22-Jul-20 18:48:09

I saw Nadiya Hussein make a jackfruit curry on tv and I think the recipe is online.
However, I've never tried it.

Blinko Wed 22-Jul-20 19:07:35

I don't think I've ever seen a jackfruit. Do you get them fresh or in tins? I could always google em...

SueDonim Wed 22-Jul-20 19:11:32

We tried fresh jack fruit when we lived in Indonesia. It’s known locally as Dead Man’s Fingers! 👀 None of us liked it and we didn’t bother again.

Blinko Wed 22-Jul-20 19:13:44

That would be enough to put anyone off, SueD!

avitorl Wed 22-Jul-20 19:14:15

Blinko, I got mine in a tin.
I don't like spicey food and beginning to think that is probably the only way to make it palatable.

SueDonim Wed 22-Jul-20 19:14:58

Well quite, Blinko! grin

avitorl Wed 22-Jul-20 19:21:37

That's interesting SueDonim.I'm wondering where and when you you had your first taste of dead man's fingers( grin)

As a vegetarian I havent tasted any myself!

EllanVannin Wed 22-Jul-20 19:41:00

Sounds as bad as durian.

Gajahgran Wed 22-Jul-20 19:46:40

I tried it too when I lived in Indonesia but it seemed very tasteless. Like durian I think it's actually orangutan food.

Gardenersdelight2 Wed 22-Jul-20 19:50:10

I've done it as a 'pulled pork' type dish in a bbq sauce

SueDonim Wed 22-Jul-20 21:36:14

Hahaha, Avitor! The local cuisine did contain some...ahem...interesting items, such as fish-eye porridge, although not dead men’s fingers, to my knowledge. grin

BlueBelle Wed 22-Jul-20 22:25:21

I love spice but the taste (it was tinned) was like poison no idea what they had added
Durian is a stinky fruit

Calendargirl Thu 23-Jul-20 06:22:13


Am curious to know what poison tastes like!

You make it sound as though you have tried it on a few occasions, but thankfully are here to tell the tale!


BlueBelle Thu 23-Jul-20 07:04:02

Haha😂 not sure what poison tastes like either to be honest perhaps I should have said it tastes yukky, it’s funny it was something I looked forward to trying as everyone was seeming to have receipes for jackfruit so I was terribly disappointed I think it’s just a Fad I can’t actually think anyone finds it a pleasant taste there are some things to just not eat

Calendargirl Thu 23-Jul-20 09:48:35

I watched a programme a while ago and they were using jackfruit to make burgers.

It was in Australia I think, and the general consensus was it was good, and they couldn’t really tell the difference.


Chewbacca Thu 23-Jul-20 10:29:55

I tried some jackfruit and red pepper burgers from A**i a little while ago and they were the most horrendous things I've tasted in a long time. They tasted bitter and sour somehow; really not nice at all. Won't try it again.

Missfoodlove Thu 23-Jul-20 11:16:59

Drain the jackfruit from the tin, put in a colander along with some quinoa and tofu.
Give it all a gentle toss, now the clever bit, carefully wrap in newspaper or an old plastic bag and place in a bin with a tight fitting lid.
You now need never face the horror of these vile foods ever again.

avitorl Thu 23-Jul-20 11:28:44

Missfoodlove,I think you have given me great advice there.In to the bin it will go!

I gained an unexpected bonus from this thread and it was amusement.Thanks all.

Callistemon Thu 23-Jul-20 13:57:26

Sound advice

Blinko Sat 25-Jul-20 14:34:53

I have read all this with interest. I was on the point of trying the stuff. I think MissFoodlove has the right idea.