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Nortsat Sun 26-Jul-20 10:40:26

During the week, my partner took a black cherry jelly out of the kitchen cupboard and said ‘oh, it would be nice to have this after supper’.
So I made the jelly and added some fresh cherries to it. We had it with some Greek yoghurt and both enjoyed it.
So far, so good...

When I was emptying the recycling yesterday, I happened to see the box and I discovered the jelly’s expiry date was October 2011 !

The jelly was fine and so were we ... 😎.

Come on GNs ... can you beat my 9 years out of date?

EllanVannin Sun 26-Jul-20 11:12:40

I'd rather have an outdated 2011 jelly than those today that don't taste the same.

I've got a 2013 Christmas pud in the cupboard but it won't get thrown away as it'll come in handy for this year along with the 2 x 2 year jars of mincemeat. These'll be okay.

Can't beat anything beyond 2011 though. It would have been well binned knowing me, I've got so finicky as I've got older.

Nortsat Sun 26-Jul-20 11:54:08

Ellan, I would have binned it, if I’d known ...

Your Chr***mas pudding will be nicely matured by December. 😎