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Cooked chicken

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tanith Fri 21-Aug-20 16:08:46

Bought a large cooked chicken in Tesco this morning, it says should be eaten today. Now can I either freeze some or will it be ok to eat the rest tomorrow? I’m having chicken salad tonight.
My usual philosophy is if it looks and smells ok I’ll eat it, it just bothered me as it says should be eaten today.

AGAA4 Fri 21-Aug-20 16:18:43

I am always careful with chicken. I would have your chicken salad and freeze the rest.

Charleygirl5 Fri 21-Aug-20 16:24:19

I try not to keep cooked chicken in the fridge longer than 48 hours.

I agree with AGAA4 do it that way around.

tanith Fri 21-Aug-20 16:26:01

Thanks ladies that’s what I’ll do.

twinnytwin Fri 21-Aug-20 16:26:01

I'd eat the rest tomorrow. If you freeze it, you've got to defrost it carefully which will take some time and result in it being in the same condition as tomorrow.

WOODMOUSE49 Fri 21-Aug-20 16:26:44

I buy cooked (that day) ones regularly. Always have some that day. Quite often some the next day but that's reheated in curry, pie or stir fry. Rest is frozen.

To be sure eat yours today and freeze rest.

Neither of us have had stomach problems from doing that.

phoenix Fri 21-Aug-20 16:29:49

tanith, I adopt the same philosophy!

Also I think that sometimes shops can be a little over cautious with their best before/use by dates.

I think as long as you put the remaining meat in the fridge straight away, and your fridge is sufficiently cold (many people forget to check the temperature of their fridge) it should be fine.

As an extra, you could strip the remaining meat to keep and dispose of the carcase.

tanith Fri 21-Aug-20 16:48:20

Already done that phoenix 2 lots in the freezer and the rest in the fridge. My neighbour strips the carcass for his cat and dog, I don’t like the underneath chicken too greasy/slimy for me. I know I’m a wastrel 😂

kittylester Fri 21-Aug-20 17:29:00

We bought a cooked chicken when it was really hot and ate some that day, some the next day and finished it the following day.

I didn't spot instructions to eat quickly or a use by date. We appear to be ok.

phoenix Fri 21-Aug-20 17:40:22

My Chr**t**s Turkey does 3 days, sometimes 4 shock before being stripped and the remainder being frozen. Have done it for about 35 years, no one ever ill yet.

1) Chr**t**s dinner
2) Cold meat & bubble & squeak
3) Cold meat & chips
4) Turkey and ham pie.

Then any remaining meat is stripped from the carcass and frozen.

We do not resort to Turkey curry! grin

Fennel Fri 21-Aug-20 17:41:41

I often cook a jointed chicken and then freeze some of it - no problems.
The only time it seemed to go 'off' was once I kept the uneaten parts in the fridge for a few days and it definitely smelled bad.

phoenix Fri 21-Aug-20 17:43:41

tanith the underneath bit is good for risotto type dishes, curry etc, basically dishes that are better made with that sort of meat rather than potentially dry breast meat.

Witzend Fri 21-Aug-20 18:44:58

My home roasted chickens - eaten hot and then cold the next day - will often sit in the fridge for another day or two before I get around to stripping them, making stock with the carcass, and putting a couple of packets labelled ‘chick bits’ in the freezer.
We’ve never had any ill effects.

honeyrose Fri 21-Aug-20 18:52:59

I agree with AGAA4. I would freeze what’s left over straightaway. I presume the leftovers can be frozen? I’m really fussy with chicken too.

BBbevan Fri 21-Aug-20 19:03:00

Just slightly off topic. Many years ago, whilst shopping in Asda, we saw a family, Mum, Dad and 2 children , buy a cooked chicken. The father immediately ripped pieces off to give to his family. They continued around the shop eating the chicken. I often wonder if they paid for it or left a pile of bones in their trolley.

sodapop Fri 21-Aug-20 19:18:35

grin The thought of that just made me laugh BBbevan. Strange thing to do though.

Urmstongran Fri 21-Aug-20 20:13:18

I love the underneath part of still warm cooked chicken! I always used to sneak and eat the two small plump bits on either side of the backbone whilst making the gravy! A cook’s prerogative.

Actually what are those two bits (anatomically speaking)?

phoenix Fri 21-Aug-20 20:16:33

Urmstongran I believe they are referred to as the "oysters" once cooked, have no idea what they might be anatomically on a live cheicken!

phoenix Fri 21-Aug-20 20:17:33

CHICKEN! Damn this thing!

Urmstongran Fri 21-Aug-20 20:36:04

Thanks phoenix! They are yummy, the best bits (which is why I don’t share them with Himself).

kittylester Fri 21-Aug-20 20:44:08

I love the oysters. I hope no one tells us what they actually are

Urmstongran Fri 21-Aug-20 20:51:06

😂 kitty

Urmstongran Fri 21-Aug-20 20:52:55

Oysters are two small, round pieces of dark meat on the back of poultry near the thigh, in the hollow on the dorsal side of the ilium bone. Some regard the "oyster meat" to be the most flavorful and tender part of the bird, while others dislike the taste and texture. › wiki › Oy...
Oyster (fowl) - Wikipedia

Urmstongran Fri 21-Aug-20 20:53:45

❤️ GN - i learn so much.
Thanks phoenix.