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Memorable meals over the years ?

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hazel93 Sun 13-Sep-20 10:42:17

Hopefully to make us smile - we all need a smile at the moment !
So, either home or abroad which do you recall looking back ?

Missfoodlove Sun 13-Sep-20 11:04:31

We had a family dinner at a renowned restaurant in Honfleur, the food was 5 star.
I needed the loo but wouldn’t go as I wanted to remember the restaurant for the food not awful toilets!!
We had many bad experiences and I hate having to walk past a pissoir to get to the Ladies.
Our daughter who was about 10 decided to do a reccy!
She was so excited at the self cleaning pristine lavatories she stood at the end of the restaurant and shouted “ Mum it’s fine you could eat your dinner off them”
The British diners all giggled, not too sure if the French understood!

NotSpaghetti Sun 13-Sep-20 11:12:21

So many memories but sadly they're mostly too subtle to easily share. May be a glance, a smile, a view, a smell...
Thank you for making me think of them.

tanith Sun 13-Sep-20 11:30:49

A meal I had for an anniversary many years ago at the Post Office Tower restaurant with family who sadly out of 8 of us 7 are gone and the only one left to remember not so much the meal but the nighttime view of London and my lovely sisters and my Mum and Dad and the wonder and awe on their faces. A wonderful memory thanks for bringing it to mind.

tanith Sun 13-Sep-20 11:31:55

Should say I’m the only one left 😢

DanniRae Sun 13-Sep-20 11:49:40

I might have posted this before - if so I apologise!

I'll set the scene:
I was about 10 and out playing with my friends on a very snowy early evening. We were having loads of fun, as you can imagine, then my mum called me in for my dinner. Well the dinner was beef stew and so delicious that I said to my darling mum "Can we have that again tomorrow, mum?" And we did!

I also remember my mum making me the most tasty sandwich I had ever had or had since. It was a salad sandwich - on white, crusty bread and what made it so wonderful was the addition of beetroot. I still put beetroot in my salad sandwiches but they never taste as good as that long ago sandwich made by my mum smile

EllanVannin Sun 13-Sep-20 11:54:13

It has to be in Spain. Friend and I treated ourselves to a meal in a seafront restaurant in Barcelona. The presentation was something I'll never forget, there were our lobsters on a large platter surrounded by salads cut into flowers and shapes----it was like a painting. I've never tasted fresher in all my life.
Service was second to none with staff falling over themselves to help. A lasting memory indeed.

EllanVannin Sun 13-Sep-20 12:02:05

Last memory was afternoon tea with friends at the Anassa hotel in Polis, Cyprus. There wasn't a crumb left grin

EllanVannin Sun 13-Sep-20 12:04:48

I think these two posts should go in the Extravagance thread smile

Calendargirl Sun 13-Sep-20 12:19:15

When the children were little, called in to my sister’s house one day. It was lunchtime, and we all enjoyed some chip shop chips washed down with some Sodastream pop. We were all hungry, and it was scrumptious.

40 odd years on, not viewed with such relish.

Another memory. On our way home from honeymoon in Cornwall, nearly 50 years ago, stopped at a cafe/restaurant and had the most delicious cheese and chutney sandwiches.

Not all meals have to be cordon bleu to be memorable.


NotSpaghetti Sun 13-Sep-20 12:25:57

No, how right you are, Calendergirl

JuliaM Sun 13-Sep-20 12:50:18

Christmas Lunch onboard a Cruiseship about 20years ago, we went as a family to celebrate my husbands retirement, and got caught up in the mother of all storms just off Gibralta, force 9 gale and very high seas. The food was lovely, but not many people managed to eat it, and many of those who did, regreted it as they dashed for the toilet suffering from sea sickness. The poor staff continued to work the best they could, handing out supplies of plastic bags and tissues to those waiting for the toilet. Luckily, I dont suffer in this way, having been sailing and skippering since my teens, neither do my youngest two daughters, but my DH just takes to his bed and stays there for the duration of the storm!

sodapop Sun 13-Sep-20 12:54:34

I agree Calendargirl we had the most memorable meal sitting by the sea in Gran Canaria with two very good friends. Fresh sardines straight from the sea, bread & oil with a glass of wine, that lunch has stayed in my mind for many years.

JuliaM Sun 13-Sep-20 13:02:58

Another one had to be the evening meal that was served up by a Dutch hotel one evening , the waiter said it was Fish and Chip night, so we, along with the majority of our Coach party, ordered this, only to find that when it arrived, it was infact Kippers cooked in a thin and soggy batter, along with deep fried chunks of potato, more like Sauted than the chips that we know and love!

Galaxy Sun 13-Sep-20 13:13:42

Amsterdam, an Indonesian restaurant. Amazing.

BBbevan Sun 13-Sep-20 13:33:36

Amish restaurant in Shipshewana. Braised steak sandwich with peas and gravy. Followed by blueberry grunt. Fabulous.

geekesse Sun 13-Sep-20 13:46:17

The evening before my son was born, I had bought two fresh filet steaks, which were difficult to get where we were living at the time. I went into labour that night and son was born at 6.30 the following morning. I went home at lunchtime, and, not wanting to waste the expensive meat, made pepper steak, chips and peas for supper. We sat down to eat just 12 hours after he was born, with a glass of champagne. The food was good, but it was more than that - an evening of absolute joy.

I occasionally make the same meal either to celebrate a special event or to cheer myself up. One mouthful brings back the magical joy of that evening.

Kate1949 Sun 13-Sep-20 13:52:57

We've had lots of lovely meals in beautiful places. I often think of the lovely lunch we had sitting outside The Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island. Not posh, just delicious crab sandwiches in the sunshine by the sea smile

travelsafar Sun 13-Sep-20 13:57:10

My 65th. The day after i flew out to India. I will never forget that meal and the excitement of having all my family there and knowing what i was doing the next day smile