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Frozen beetroot

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travelsafar Wed 14-Oct-20 09:03:06

I have a large crop of beetroot and as i am the only one that eats it i was wondering if anyone has frozen it with success. I dont have the space to pack away in sand and store over the winter and it seems a shame to let it go to waste. Family not interested in having any, i think it is an aquired taste!!!

tanith Wed 14-Oct-20 09:13:04

Ooh I'd take some of it off your hands, I love beetroot but ive never frozen it .

Grandmabatty Wed 14-Oct-20 09:14:58

I always pickled beetroot. I think it would freeze okay if its blanched first? Not much help to you, sorry.

25Avalon Wed 14-Oct-20 09:24:04

You can freeze them but you need to cook them thoroughly, as opposed to blanching, first. You could also juice them and freeze the juice. I mostly pickle in vinegar.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 11:01:01

I have frozen beetroot, have a look online.

Auntieflo Wed 14-Oct-20 14:24:13

Someone on GN wrote fairly recently, that she makes Beetroot Chutney.
That sounds lovely, if you can wheedle out the recipe! 😊

M0nica Wed 14-Oct-20 14:30:57

I freeze them, although none this year, the crop failed.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 14:40:23

About to dig ours up, they don’t look very big....

jusnoneed Wed 14-Oct-20 15:46:11

I used to make jellied beetroot with any surplus, you use a raspberry jelly and make it up with water/vinegar. Much nicer than pickled beetroot as you don't have the sharp vinegar taste.
I've never tried freezing it or seen it anywhere, maybe worth trying some.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 16:13:11

Have just harvested ours, a puny bunch but they will be enjoyed probably in one sitting.

25Avalon Wed 14-Oct-20 16:26:25

Jusnoneed do you have the recipe for jellied beetroot please? Also does anyone have a recipe for jellied carrots?

jusnoneed Wed 14-Oct-20 18:33:28

25Avalon this is the recipe I use, cut the cooked beetroot into small cubes quarter to half inch. It's lovely with cold meats and cheese.

Fennel Wed 14-Oct-20 18:45:23

We used to grow beetroot. I found it one of the easiest veg. to grow, no pests etc. A favourite.
I have no proof, but suspect it's similar to potatoes for preserving over the winter. eg store in paper sacks in a cool dark dry place and use as needed.
I wouldn't freeze them.
I used to just leave them in the soil until needed, but they tend to get hard.
Best and sweetest when pulled when young and simply boiled.

25Avalon Wed 14-Oct-20 21:28:41

Thank you Jusnoneed I will certainly give that a try. There were also some other interesting recipes like hot spiced beetroot that I might try as well.

Would just like the carrot jelly one. I know it’s an orange jelly and I think the carrot may be grated but not sure.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 14-Oct-20 22:03:06

I grow lots every year. This year 4 varieties.

Yes, it freezes very well but I cook it first. Not thoroughly cooked through tough. Then I grate it, leave some whole and some I cut into wedges.

I've tried a few times to store them raw but find freezing more successful, Never leave them in the ground as something always manages to eat into them!

So many benefits from beetroot.

I make two sorts of beetroot cake, three soups, and roast lots - all from the frozen beets. Love it cold with goats cheese.

Make a couple of jars of spiced pickled beetroot as only DH likes that

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 14-Oct-20 22:04:23

angry cooked through tough though.

Fennel Thu 15-Oct-20 11:52:49

"Never leave them in the ground as something always manages to eat into them! "
You're right, Woodmouse, I forgot about that.
Mice probably wink.

Fennel Thu 15-Oct-20 11:54:11

ps We like the small ones just plain boiled peeled and sliced.