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On beetroot powder in cake/tea bread

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Baggs Sun 15-Nov-20 08:27:00

Has anyone put beetroot powder — usually used in "red velvet" chocolate cake, I think — in banana and walnut tea bread and, if so, did it 'work'?

NotSpaghetti Sun 15-Nov-20 09:08:26

Interesting Baggs, I have been told in several places that red velvet had cochineal in it. Had no idea you could find it with beetroot instead!

OceanMama Sun 15-Nov-20 09:18:49

I've known red velvet cake to use food colouring, but I think a lot of places are using beetroot for a more natural and health adding alternative. Thanks for posting this. It reminded me I needed to order some beetroot powder.

fevertree Sun 15-Nov-20 09:21:50

I haven't, but I don't think it is a good mix of flavours, so I wouldn't. smile

I've made chocolate brownies with beetroot in the mix, they are delicious.

silverlining48 Sun 15-Nov-20 09:21:59

My friend made a beetroot cake which she says was lovely. Sadly distance and lockdown stops me from confirming this but I like beetroot and cake so what’s not to 👍 like?

silverlining48 Sun 15-Nov-20 09:22:56

Meant to say it was beetroot Mixed with chocolate

chocolatepudding Sun 15-Nov-20 10:39:40

I make chocolate chip muffins with two cooked beetroot finely grated into the mix - delicious!

Callistemon Sun 15-Nov-20 10:58:11

I've made beetroot and chocolate cake and it was lovely.

Callistemon Sun 15-Nov-20 10:59:02

Ps it wasn't powder, it was grated beetroot in the cake.

Blossoming Sun 15-Nov-20 11:03:12

I’ve never heard of beetroot powder before, must look it up. Cochineal is made from beetles so I guess this would be good for vegans/vegetarians.

NotSpaghetti Sun 15-Nov-20 11:05:09

I also have had actual beetroot in cake but Baggs is considering putting beetroot powder in tea bread.

When you say "will it work" - what do you mean, Baggs?

Redhead56 Sun 15-Nov-20 11:06:51

I have made beetroot cake and courgette cake it's best to grate and ring out excess water before adding to ingredients.

Bathsheba Sun 15-Nov-20 11:10:59

I had a recipe from National Trust that used a pack of cooked beetroot mashed into the mixture for a red velvet cake. Can't find the blooming recipe anywhere and a search of the NT site was fruitless. They've obviously removed the recipe now, grrrr.

Baggs Sun 15-Nov-20 12:36:49


I also have had actual beetroot in cake but Baggs is considering putting beetroot powder in tea bread.

When you say "will it work" - what do you mean, Baggs?

I mean: will there be a clash of flavours?

I suppose I could always start by putting in only a small amount of beetroot powder and seeing what happens. This is my usual approach to cooking with ingredients I haven't used before. I just wondered if anyone else had experimented in a similar vein and what the results were.

I'm not bothered about the colour.

NotSpaghetti Sun 15-Nov-20 15:18:47

Oh, ok! Well I think it will probably make it a darker redder brown as my tea bread is quite brown anyway. Does it actually taste of much Baggs?

Fennel Sun 15-Nov-20 17:29:12

I've never heard of beetroot powder but I would think it would be very sweet.
Almost a sugar substitute.

OceanMama Sun 15-Nov-20 21:01:44

My daughter had a red velvet cake at a cafe in Scotland that was coloured with beetroot powder. My daughter hates beetroot but she loved the cake. So I don't think beetroot powder is strongly flavoured.

Ramblingrose22 Sun 15-Nov-20 21:05:16

I don't like beetroot but if you can't taste it in the end product can we have the recipes or links to them for beetroot and chocolate cake, and chocolate muffins with beetroot, please?

Baggs Thu 19-Nov-20 07:13:50

Off to work in a minute. I forgot to put beetroot powder in the banana/walnut tea bread 🙄😁.

Haven't tried making red velvet choc cake yet.

I find Pinterest and BBCGoodFood sites pretty good for recipes. Will get back to yous anon if I find successful ones.

Baggs Thu 19-Nov-20 07:14:25

PS I have a brill choc/banana cake recipe.


goose1964 Sat 21-Nov-20 13:07:15

We use beetroot powder in some of our curries as,a colourant, it doesn't taste of anything as you need a tiny amount.

Daddima Sat 21-Nov-20 13:12:37

I have never tasted beetroot! I imagine it will have a ‘spongy’ texture. I have a friend who is a marvellous cook, and she always puts beetroot in any meat casserole, and says it gives rich gravy and tenderises the meat.

Callistemon Sat 21-Nov-20 14:58:13

It's not spongy, it's rather liked cooked carrot in texture but has an earthy flavour.